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  1. Some of the music on Pony.fm seems to literally take forever to download as Ogg Vorbis. This is a particular pity in the case of music that was obviously uploaded as Ogg Vorbis and re-encoded (= compressed lossily once more) by Pony.fm. For example, when I tried to download "Don't Forget" by Donn DeVore, I got the usual message "We're getting your download ready! This'll take a few seconds." What should happen is the download actually starting after a few seconds. What actually happens is nothing more. The message remains (and I've left it running for at least 10 or 15 minutes sometimes, if not even longer), but no download starts. I've only tried material from times when lossy uploads were still possible and from imported archives. I haven't tested it with lossless updates because why download Ogg Vorbis if you can get the good stuff (FLAC), so I can't say whether these are affected, too.
  2. Guess it depends on the situation. Maybe you've given yourself a deadline that you cannot push. Then you may have to make do what you can get made up to that point. Just try to make it not too shoddy. On the other hoof, if time isn't so much of an issue, take yourself enough time to iron out the imperfections that bug you before you release a piece of music. Do not, however, fall into the perfectionism trap and try to take your music somewhere you'll never get it quality-wise.
  3. I'd really love to participate, and be it just so I can finally use all those Christmas cliché sounds I've got at hoof. I've always wanted to make a Hearth's Warming song, at least ever since I acquired that Yamaha FM expander. However, I don't know whether I'll make it in time, what with three more pieces of music that have to be completed and released before the end of the year. (That kind of deadline that really forces you to finally get something done...) My way of making music is quite time-consuming. And I don't even have a solid idea for a Hearth's Warming song yet.
  4. The first of them all, played by Keith Emerson on a huge former Moog Modular demonstration unit: Emerson, Lake & Palmer – "Lucky Man" Edgar Winter going wild on an ARP 2600: Edgar Winter Group – "Frankenstein" Manfred Mann on what might be his Oberheim SEM (plus duelling Yamaha electric grands): Manfred Mann's Earth Band – "Don't Kill It Carol" Synth solos in already completely electronic music — well, why not? Have some Jean Michel Jarre remote-control a Roland D-550 with a keytar custom-made by Lag: Jean Michel Jarre – "Industrial Revolution", live at Destination Docklands 1988
  5. Xubuntu currently takes the top spot among my GNU/Linux installs with three machines. It has become really nice, and it's easy on not-so-powerful hardware like nettops and 6x-generation ThinkPads. Manjaro comes in second with two installs, one with Xfce4, one upgraded from KDE SC 4 to Plasma 5. The latter shares my most powerful computer with Linux Mint KDE. Last but not least, I still have two Debians, one jessie in a Web server VM, one pinned together from jessie, stretch and sid with Xfce4 on a rarely-used nettop.
  6. My absolutely favourite decade in music has to be the 1980s when electronic instruments grew up, became quite powerful and then increasingly affordable, but before the temptation of music based on a few looped patterns wasn't all over the place yet, and when songwriting and pop arrangement were still common for synthesiser-based music. Also, over-the-top campy hair metal. Then come the 1970s and — surprise — the 1960s. At a bit of distance, the 1990s follow. In fact, I'm almost just as likely to listen to something from the 1950s.
  7. Brace yourselves, unexpected ultra-old-school reply is coming! My favourite electronic genres aren't from the 21st century at all. In fact, they're from before DAWs, they're from before the Detroit and Berlin techno craze, they're from before Chicago Acid House turned the Roland TB-303 from a cheap piece of junk into a sought-after and expensive cult machine. They're partly even from before MIDI. For starters, it's classic electronic music like it started in the 1970s. I'm a big fan of Jean Michel Jarre who became famous first for rather "organic" electronic music that stayed away from typical early electronic clichés and then in the 1980s for his gigantic concerts. I also like Vangelis who is most well-known for his movie soundtracks (e.g. Chariots Of Fire, Blade Runner) and Kraftwerk who were the first purely electronic band, who were the first in post-war Germany to make a brand-new kind of music with no influences from American and British rock & roll/rhythm & blues internationally popular, and who inspired most of the British synthpop craze. In between, there are the late 1970s works by Giorgio Moroder such as "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer which Brian Eno predicted to define the club sound of the next two decades. And then there are synthpop and similar electronic genres from mostly the early and mid-1980s. (In the second half of the 1980s, anything that wasn't metal was electronic.) It was a race of technological and stylistic advancement, also because much was produced by big names or in big studios that could afford the big flagship polysynths and sample-based drum machines and often had an outrageously expensive Fairlight or Synclavier. Of course, that was a time when tinkering and sound experiments were displaced by the (over)use of presets and commercial sample libraries, but that has a charm of its own.
  8. If it isn't pony music regularly available for free (I despise ripping MP3s from YouTube due to sometimes multiple instances of heavy lossy compression) or concert bootlegs with no chance of ever being released commercially, I buy everything. In fact, I buy all my non-pony music on CD and rip it to FLAC which are then tagged properly. I don't use streaming services other than Internet radio stations. I don't care whether they're good for discovering new music because almost everything I ever listen to is several decades old, and there aren't so many major releases from, for example, 1983 or 1977 that I don't know yet but might find interesting.
  9. Italo Disco. The electronic resurrection of disco music in Italy in the early 80s. People might overhear it occasionally on 60s/70s/80s oldie stations, but pretty much nobody knows that it's a genre of its own right. Within the bronydom, it has to be electronic genres from before Acid House was invented in 1987. I mean, who knows that there was electronic music before Deadmau5, and who knows that electronic music used to be made by playing hardware synthesisers by hand in real-time on their built-in keybeds rather than by clicking together notes in the piano roll editor of a DAW and routing them to a VSTi?
  10. Rainbow Dash: Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone The Wonderbolts: Cheap Trick – Mighty Wings, Harold Faltermeyer – Top Gun Anthem Zecora: Toto – Africa Prince Blueblood: Carly Simon – You're So Vain Rose: Bette Midler – The Rose Octavia: Udo Lindenberg – Cello Doctor Whooves: Pink Floyd – Time Mjölna & Epona: Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song Junebug: The B-52's – June Bug Twilight Sparkle: The Police – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Raindrops: B.C. Thomas – Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head Dirty Pony: Die Doofen – Mief Discord: George Thorogood & the Destroyers – Bad To The Bone Lily: David Stewart & Candy Dulfer – Lily Was Here Rainbow Dash & Applejack in "Fall Weather Friends": R. Kelly – The World's Greatest (first half), Yello – The Race (second half) Rarity in "Sweet and Elite": Madonna – Vogue The Dude: Bob Dylan – The Man In Me Jesus Pezuña: Gipsy Kings – Hotel California Pinkie Pie in "Too Many Pinkie Pies": Weird Al Yankovic – I Think I'm A Clone Now Doctor Whooves: The Timelords (also known as The KLF) – Doctorin' The Tardis Vinyl Scratch: Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) Flash Sentry: Queen – Flash Luna/Nightmare Moon: The Police – Walking On The Moon Daring Do: John Williams – The Raiders' March Jet Set und Upper Crust: Alphaville – The Jet Set Poindexter in Neigh Anything, Orchard Blossom: Aerosmith – Dude (Looks Like A Lady) Maud Pie: Twisted Sister – I Wanna Rock Winningverse Cloud Kicker: Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Bang Celestia: Rammstein – Sonne
  11. This thread needs to keep going, lest her fridge be emptied. Look at this adorable beanie... ...that I bought at GalaCon last year.
  12. ​Only two posts, and then the thread fell silent... She sure seems to be the pony of misfortune. Then again, she also seems to be able to fly with just about anything, especially when dreaming. I'm waiting for her to pilot a doghouse.
  13. This fan club needs a bump badly. Have some pixels, muffins and dolphins!
  14. ​It was an evening in May 2011. I was in my living-room. I had already come in contact with the ponies at another animation fan forum which had been overrun by the ponies for several months already. I had had my fun with that, but on that particular day, I thought, well, if everyone says this show is that good, why not try it? So I went to YouTube (SD TV rips on YouTube were all we had in those days) and ended up watching the first five episodes in one go. Of the following six days, I spent four watching pony, so one week later, I was through with season 1. However, it wasn't until the next month that I actually called myself a brony.
  15. Can it be that we've already had three threads about background pony preferences, the last one of which was started some month before this one? Well, to stay on topic — I could write forever about background ponies. I might write another post with some more of my favourites, but here's my all-time number one best pony: SEAFOAM (Vector by a very good buddy of mine) Right now there's a one-off custom Seafoam plushie next to me that has been in EqD's latest plushie compilation. Ask the guy who made the above vector. Braeburn, Tree Hugger and Coloratura are background ponies? Like, just for decoration? They got Lena Hall as the voice actress of a pony that just pops up out of coincidence? If anything, they're secondary characters. Only that the pic shows Apple Brown Betty. Apple Fritter would be this one: