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  1. I feel like I could watch it go on forever if they could keep up with good storylines and plots. But, all good things must come to an end because that is just how it goes.
  2. ... lurk, lurk, lurk... *leaves milk and cookies* ... lurk, lurk,lurk...

  3. Rarity lands at number 3 in the mane 6 for me. I do really like her and I can see how people wouldn't like her personality because she seems snooty and conceited. She really isn't that bad if people could look past her seemingly snooty attitude. She's very kind and generous. I don't understand how people like Rainbow Dash. She is very selfish and annoying with how she thinks she has to be cool all the time. She's the one out of any of the ponies that would remind me of the popular kids at school, not Rarity. But I also figure that it is perhaps how colorful she is that a lot of people seem attracted to her. She does LOOK cool but I do not like her personality one bit.
  4. I LOVE Celestia! She has been and always will be my very favorite pony.
  5. My top pet peeve has to be your and you're. Is it really that hard to figure out when you're trying to say "you are" over "your?"
  6. I do think that parents need to be more cautious or block certain websites from their children that are immature. Some children are more mature and responsible than others but it is ultimately up to the parent what they do about their child's internet use. I didn't actually start actively using the internet (other than school projects) until a website called facethejury.com became kind of a thing. It was before Myspace but was very much like a Myspace. So that had to have been when I was about 14 or 15 years old. My mom didn't really monitor my computer use except for limiting my time on there so my sister could have a turn. If I had a child they wouldn't be able to use the internet except for school projects until they were 13 years old. Sure, I would let them play games and such but there is just so much out there anymore to protect children from. This world is turning chaotic and we have to look at our youth because they are the future. If we can help to make the world a better place for them and help them grow up in a stable environment without a bunch of violence and sexual objects sitting in front of their faces then we may stand a chance. It's hard but parents do have the power to block certain websites. So there's my little rant on the subject...
  7. I had braces when I was in the 7th and 8th grade. I had an overbite and I also had too many teeth in my mouth. So I got some teeth removed from my face and then they slapped the braces on to correct the overbite and close the gaps from the teeth I had removed. I was suppose to wear a retainer after I got my braces taken off but I only wore it for maybe the first month or so. But my teeth seem fine to me, they haven't moved a whole lot. My overbite isn't back yet anyway.
  8. I like to take mine out of the box to display; but then again I like collecting the mystery minis so if I kept them in the box nopony would ever find out what they were.
  9. I just bought my first pony merchandise which was 5 mystery minis. Here they are:
  10. Today I have taken a shower and now I am sitting here checking out the MLP forums.
  11. My dream that I had last night consisted of this girl who I use to be friends with and Gerard Way. He was still performing with My Chemical Romance and this girl and I went to go and see them. They were playing inside of a house. Somehow my mom was there too because she was commenting on how good the music was and I was like,"I can't believe you haven't heard them before! They are one of my favorite bands!" So after they got done playing they were hanging out on this couch and waiting for another band to come down and play. I don't remember the other bands name. But this girl and I went to go and talk to Gerard and we started wondering when the other band was going to be ready. So the three of us headed up the stairs to check on them and see what they were doing. There's a little bit of a blur in here because I remember Gerard pushing me through a hole to get into the room that the band was in. I don't remember actually talking to the band but I remember another scene when that girl I was with was in the bathroom primping. She was also naked and Gerard went up to her because he wanted to touch her body. And that's really all I remember. Dreams are weird sometimes....