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  1. @Unicorncob @Literally Snails @reader8363 @dragon4111 @Dynamo Pad "Hmm..." Copper was observing the fight from his team's side, having felt he had regenerated enough energy to protect his team in case something bad happens. He could most likely lose the energy he had gained if a powerful attack came in their direction, but at least now he can defend the team. "Jade seems to be waiting for the right time to strike at full force," he said to his team. "She needs to be careful, though. If she waits too long, I fear Rokata could snap on her."
  2. Copper looked up from his meditating spot to look at Jade, having overheard what she was asking. "Something's telling me that they're planning on pulling a fast one on us, which is why I'm in my current position now, slowly regenerating my energy, in case something bad happens and I have to defend the team."
  3. Copper grumbled a bit. He didn't trust Rail at all, and something told him that something bad was about to happen. With that, though, he returned to his team's side of the Arena and sat down on the ground. From there, he wrapped himself in an indestructible shield, and afterwards the light orange aura from earlier returned. Now he was focused on returning back to full strength. He hoped he wouldn't have to use any of his strength, but the feeling of being pulled a fast one was still in his mind.
  4. @Dynamo Pad @Literally Snails @reader8363 @dragon4111 @Unicorncob Of course it was a set up by Rail. Copper didn't know it from the time he checked Tricis's pulse, but he had a slight feeling it would when Rokata told him he was fine with being disowned. Now that Rail confirmed it, he was more pissed than ever. And to top it off, he had a sinking feeling that Rail was gonna pull a fast one on Team Lotus. He slowly made his way onto the Arena Circle and pointed at Rail. "I'm gonna tell you something right now," he stated. "If you try to pull a fast one on us, not only will your reputation be destroyed, but not even Rokata can save you from my wrath. But I will say this... you have a bounty on your head from someone who used to work for you. If you do keep your promise, then there won't be a bounty for me to collect because you agreed to give up your life, and because of my honor code, I cannot accept the reward."
  5. "Okay, bro," Copper smiled as fully shut down the wounds on Dynamo. Afterwards he had noticed the tears on the unicorn's face, and then he hugged him. "I'm sorry for your loss," he said. "She could've been a good friend, I know she would." He knew better than anyone that when tears were sprung on Dynamo, there was a potential friend of his lost. With that said, he just noticed his hoof engulfed in a light orange aura, and then saw his whole body like that. "Looks like it's time," he said as he released Dynamo from the hug. "The process may be slow, but I should be able to restore my energy at some point, that way I can defend the team from anything stupid that might happen."
  6. @Dynamo Pad Copper looked at Dynamo for a brief moment before nodding. "Y-yeah. Sorry bro, just got caught up in the stuff." He casually picked up his friend and walked back to his side of the Arena circle, where he laid the Unicorn down and healed him like he did Rose. "There, that should patch you up for now." he said.
  7. @Dynamo Pad Copper was ecstatic, jumping up and down in excitement when he heard Dynamo won. He was so proud and... He stopped the moment he saw Rokata smile and Dynamo. He quickly bolted to beside his best friend and said, in a more joking manner than serious, "What's the smile for? You know your biggest threat is yet to take the arena, right?" He returned to a more serious manner when he continued, "I will not allow my best friend to turn to the dark side."
  8. "Here's some knowledge I've learned from History class in high school. 'The thing that we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down.' There is absolutely no reason for you to stay down when everything is on the line. You may not see it, but the team is depending on YOU to stay alive. And besides, Starlight isn't even in this arena, let alone the stadium last time I checked, so she's perfectly okay. We didn't lose Frost because of you, either. "You're not a failure, Dynamo. You have a purpose in this world, and that is to WIN. So I suggest you get the hell back up, and prove to me that you're a competitor. You remember those videos we watched of professional gamers doing all this crazy crap, right? And you're a gamer too, right? So you had better get up, and show that you're the absolute best gamer in the entire world!" The last sentence was in a yell that would hopefully bring Dynamo back to his senses.
  9. "Do you really believe that? That was the most basic evil illusion out of all illusions I've ever known. I don't like saying this, but you're far too gullible. That's why Selene picked you to fight her in the finals. She knew you would be the easiest to break with her illusion magic. You have to stop doubting yourself, bro. We both had doubts on achieving our black belts in Sensei's class, but we did it with flying colors. You can beat Selene. I know you can."
  10. It was like some spiritual connection between the two ponies, as they had been best friends for years since Karate. Fate had some words and allowed Copper to help his brother from another mother. "Get up." Copper's voice was close to Dynamo, in fact, he was right next to the unicorn spiritually. "I'm not letting my best friend die in a place like this. I'm helping you out. I'm not fighting her, but I'll be guiding you to victory. I know you can do this, bro. You supported me when I thought I couldn't win against Onyx, and I'm returning the favor."
  11. @Dynamo Pad @Literally Snails "No... this can't be happening..." Copper was in an absolute panic. He didn't want to see his best friend die. Not like this. He was shaking, in fear and rage, mostly because he knew he couldn't do anything. Tears were springing from his eyes as he bellowed out, in a roar that would dwarf anything the crowd could muster, and certainly have Dynamo hear. "DYNAMOOOOOOO!" That tone would tell anyone in the arena that he would never forgive Rail or this tournament if Dynamo died.
  12. @Literally Snails @Dynamo Pad @Unicorncob @Canteen_the_unstable @dragon4111 @reader8363 "...Wait, who is he talking to?" Copper had to look up at the arena circle for a moment to try and understand what he was trying to process. Though the crowd was making it quite difficult to hear, he could swear he was hearing his best friend talk to someone. The moment he had a good idea, he had to take a step back in fear. "No... Dynamo," he stammered.
  13. @Unicorncob @Canteen_the_unstable @Literally Snails @reader8363 @dragon4111 "Enough." Copper's stern tone of voice would try to silence both Jade and Canteen, and would be loud enough for all of his team to hear. He was concentrating supremely hard, his body engulfed in an aura which resembles the color of a typical rock. "Before you ask, I have the ability to see with my body, due to me having fought an enemy similar to the one Dynamo's fighting. I'm going to relay the information as I go along, and so far, it's not looking good for Dynamo. While it looks like they're just standing still, I can clearly see fighting within the circle."