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  1. I dont care about the presidential shit. He was the chillest dude ever. He was able to "relate" to the younger generation without even really trying, and he was aware and even enjoyed himself all the memes about him. He is a great guy and I respect him alot. He was also a complete savage.
  2. Pandering = shit show Bronies = bad idea and hard to market to (but also very easy, its compicated and I dont want to explain) Gender neutral = good idea Empowering and teaching the younger generation = also good idea More adventure and intresting content = better show I think the writers should focus more on the content before deciding to market to a certain demographic, for example, less filler episodes and more quality storyline.
  3. I dont care, as long as we get more than 3 map episodes in the entire season.
  4. -More adventure -More story -Less shitty filler episodes -Juicy content -Backstory
  5. insane track. Ekali & Graves have been releasing some crazy stuff not exactly rap, but one of the best. good shit
  6. Because he was just a stupid gorilla that nobody knew existed before he got shot. If its gone mainstream, its not funny anymore. Thats the unspoken rule
  7. K this is what I think are you ready skittl: dont care apl: dont care that one yellow one: dont care white supremacy: dont care cocaine hors: dont care the underrepresented but bad lead character: dont care
  8. AHHH about that exact amount of loud
  9. The whole entire show of course its gonna be cringy, its made for kids with a small brain capacity and a lower sense of humor someone older, who understands much more, will find anything appealing to this demographic cringy and embarrassing. it doesn't stop it from being a good show, its just the way it is
  10. harambe is the dumbest fucking shit ever, and the shittiest thing about it is that nobody will shut up about the damn gorilla ffs my school was selling fuckin harambe hats like wtf
  11. Merry Christmas! It's been decided so by Discord's fanclub! Enjoy!

    1. DuskRain
    2. Missklang


      -gives a frog- this Christmas frog is a gift from Discord! Enjoy your frog!

  12. KJ Sawka. He plays in Pendulum as well as Destroid.