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  1. Could you link me to some of his videos?He has so many videos that i don't even know which to watch.Ppl seem to wanna believe that we are all a bunch of man-children,pedophiles,fursuit wearing perverted pony clopping insecure fags who joined the "bronies" for attention purposes who are only into anthro animals.I'm here to say NO.We became bronies because we share a common interest.Which is talent and effort being put into a show. Heed my word bronies.When BlackBusterCritic returns to Youtube.He's going to brake the backs of the bronies and burn us.By attacking all of the ignorant bronies.Then he'll hunt down the cloppers and all the ones who are sexually attracted to the ponies(he did this to the Sonic fanbase).This man single handedly influenced half of YT if not all.Into thinking that the Sonic fanbase is full sexual deviants who are into little girls who refuse to grow up.Now the that fanbase is seen as huge joke now, lmao.And he'll do it with a smile too. I'm atleast trying to help defend our fanbase by making videos like this.So we could atleast get a fair amount of respect.Like, "yeah ok, not all bronies sexually love the ponies".Shit like that. Cause the only way to win, is to fight them with logic. lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVibBAlSshU
  2. I agree with what you said there boi.Lots of bronies in the fandom are giving us a bad rap.Giving anti-bronies/brony haters more ammo to bash us with.Pretty soon BlackBusterCritic(diz brotha iz cold trust me) will return to YT and attack us harshly. I can't believe you are one of the ppl who destoryed derpy for us.We had such a cool relationship with Hasbro and the animators that they were kind enough to give us eps about derpy(a fan character btw).WHAT ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY EVEN DOES THAT?Sorry bro, not cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVibBAlSshU Sorry, some anti-bronies had it coming.Go ahead and say, "u ain't no betta EL". But sometimes u gotta go Rarity.
  3. Hehe, he's such a hilarious guy.I'm surprised it's just us. LOL
  4. They'll have to force me.I wouldn't be in town. lol
  5. I agree.The new layout is horrid and they never stop changing it.Once we get use to it....Nope they change it again!I swear thats one of things i hate about YT.
  6. YT has a message,comment and channel comment feature.It's pretty much a facebook with videos.You can even add friends and all that.You can even socialize with videos you upload. lol
  7. To be honest.lots ppl of tend to use YT like a facebook. lol YT is social networking and video sharing in one.
  8. I was bored so i was like meh, why not... So, which one do you choose as the best website? Members worldwide: 800 million Worth: $75 billion People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook Members worldwide: 490 million Worth: $36 billion People spend 5 hours and 50 minutes per month Daaaaaaamn....FB is getting burned hard.I feel bad for Mark Zuckerberg, LOL.
  9. sup?

    1. Titan Rising

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      Yoooooo, what up mah boii.So it seems this wesbite is under attack. lol

  10. I had to post this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znCSLe1vFlI
  11. Have no shame brah.for not even i can not escape the amount of pony butt in the show. Pinkie Pie trying to seduce Ya'll http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s_3ICDWl0k
  12. I will admit it's probably not their pony butts that is causing all these attractions.I just though it was funny if it was.