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  1. My parents: "You're too old for My little pony!" Me: BWAHAHAHAHA You serious?

  2. I'm pretty sure they would feel very uncomfortable with the fact people make Rule 34 art of them. I'd feel pretty uncomfortable too. Aside from the rule 34 art, there is alot of other pony artworks that are very beautiful, I think they would like that. But what's most likely to happen is that when they find out their world is fake, and just a fantasy, well they would flip out
  3. A Princess Celestia episode. A Princess Celestia episode. A PRINCESS CELESTIA EPISODE. Please? Luna gets her own episodes, and I really want to see an episode about Celestia.
  4. I just finished watching the season finale... THAT WAS AWESOME!

  5. Perhaps they picked up the shards of their pendants, and they actually put them back together, but they are waiting for the right time to come back.
  6. I have a New 3DS, but the 3D feature is.. boring. The only games I have at the moment are Pokemon X, and Super Mystery dungeon, but it doesn't really feel like the 3D actually feels like it's coming out of the screen. Sometimes, it does feel like it's coming out of the screen, but it mostly doesn't. So I don't really use it.
  7. This episode was pretty scary AND hilarious in my opinion. What the ponies did was probably overkill, and it was kind of predictable, but doesn't mean it's bad in my books! But the absence of Starlight glimmer made me sad.
  8. So adorable <3 I think I might die from cuteness!
  9. Back from a very long hiatus

  10. I want to change my avi. But I am too lazy. -3-

    1. Kyoshi


      It's just a hop skip and a click. :D

  11. When I first saw Derpy in the maze... .. Is it bad that I didn't notice it was Derpy at first, and thought it was a double Twilight, and that was an animation error? Just proves that Derpy is a pretty good cosplayer XD
  12. FINALLYYYYY They got their flipping cutie marks. Diamond Tiara got some character development. And the song "Light of your cutie mark" was my favorite. And feels. So much feelss
  13. KittenTale15

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    Pinkie will always be my favorite pony~ Seriously, the ability to defy logic is just amazing :3
  14. KittenTale15

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because school work is evil
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