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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. NupieTheHero

    Rarity Fan Club

    ok, I will
  3. NupieTheHero

    Rarity Fan Club

    I hope so, I hope anyone have a discord
  4. NupieTheHero

    Rarity Fan Club

    Hello everyone. can you guys help me feel better by being my friends because I am feeling depressed because in most of the fandom, I feel like, I am the only person that loves rarity and cares about her in the fandom and I feel like no one around me feels the same way about her as I do and no one around me see her as best pony as I do and don't see her as their fav pony. Please help me, I have been feeling this way for 4 years and I need friends that are rarity fans ? I feel left out as a fan of rarity and lonely as a rarity fan . Please talk to me if anyone can, please pm me as well ?
  5. NupieTheHero

    Rarity Fan Club

    Hello everyone, how are you :'( ?
  6. NupieTheHero

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    I feel depress, Awful and feel I will never find that special someone (female)
  7. NupieTheHero

    Hello, can we be friends ?

    Thanks Sunrise Surprise and BabylonSister, can I talk to ya both in pm ?
  8. NupieTheHero

    Jane[OC] Test Gif Animation

    Nice oc
  9. NupieTheHero

    Hello, can we be friends ?

    My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rarity How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Hello I am Nupie The Hero, I am a brony that is looking for some new brony friends on D.A because a lot my brony friends gave me drama in the past and gets made me for having depression and most my friends are with people that hate me for being me and for depression and they made want to leave the fandom because I felt like everyones punching bag. If you want to be my brony friend you can, if you have a skype and want to talk to me on there, just give me your skype name and I will add because I need more buddies on skype and I am not in much skype groups.
  10. NupieTheHero

    Rarity Fan Club

    Hi there everypony, doe's anyone want to be my rarity buddie, can you by adding me as a friend and then pm so we can have fun as rarity buddies here's a picture of the best princess
  11. NupieTheHero

    Hello :)

    Hello everyone I am back, sorry about that Nupie: thanks that's nice of you
  12. NupieTheHero

    Rarity Fan Club

    Here's some art of rarity that I have made This was made to show how underrated rarity is and how much love she needs and how i feel about this
  13. NupieTheHero

    Rarity Fan Club

    Rarity is my fav cowgirl
  14. NupieTheHero

    What do you think of this new art style

    I really like it and it looks nice
  15. NupieTheHero

    My Oc Headshot Drawing ^^

    I love it she looks so cute