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  1. WINX Club? :D

    1. LunatheNightmare


      Huge fan of it. Do you like to watch it as well? :D

  2. I got a whole two hours of sleep last night, so I'm just raring to go!
  3. Roseluck1

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    You know when you become so sleep deprived, that everything makes you go "Whoa" Music trips you out, but silence annoys you Food tastes differently, actions turn out differently than intended You want to do everything, but also nothing You lie down, but you can't sleep You get up, but you can't stay awake
  4. Roseluck1

    General What's Your Obsession?

    Spamming Messaging @Morning Glory 24/7 Soda. It's great on it's own, it's great with food It's great at 10 am and it's great at 10 pm :3 From root beer to redbull I love them all equally <3 And I keep most unique cans, because some of them are pure works of art. And languages. I love acquiring really weird sayings c: I love learning new languages I love scripts Languages are neat! And finding weird music. I really like songs that you moreso experience rather than 'enjoy'. o: It's kinda hard to explain, but most of Venetian Snares' stuff is a little experience on its ow
  5. "becaus im dutch" Hallo hallo from the tiny country adjacent to yours <:

    1. Summer Breeze

      Summer Breeze

      Hey, neighbour :) how are yea?

    2. Roseluck1



      Pretty alright, how about you? ^^

    3. Summer Breeze

      Summer Breeze

      I'm doing great! Kerstvakantie!!!

  6. 2-2-2 for a total of around 6 I'm not awfully tired, but the sleepiness is creeping up on me >o< (About 12 hours later, now)
  7. Roseluck1

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Thanks ^^ It's nothing serious though, I just tend to take guesstimated times far too literal >o< I'm a little tired, so time seems to go by much slower than usual v.v
  8. Roseluck1

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Yep, then I defs relate ^^' Well, you know what they say! "YOLO" Also, "30 MINUTES HOH BOY I'M GETTING WORRIED ;~; "
  9. Roseluck1

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    What some people can do to you... Ik ga nooit meer slapeee~
  10. Roseluck1

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Without context this could mean anything, but I think I can kinda relate :3 Also "It's been 15 minutes c'mon hurry ;~; "
  11. @Morning Glory You'd think I wouldn't get excited about a pic of Reese's peanut butter cups But you'd be wrong
  12. Roseluck1

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Heart to heart lift me up SOS I'm so in love You and I can't deny Me and you <3
  13. "If you're a nice person, I'll be your friend(if you want)." I'd like to be friends but I can't promise I'm a nice person ;~;

    1. Unikitty


      That's okay. I'm full of salt myself. But hey, is coo' with me.

  14. CHICKEN! Especially chicken nuggets, but literally any chicken will do :3 Also a very good contender: Peanut butter <3 Especially if it's surrounded with chocolate. I eat apples almost exclusively though
  15. dermernd terrera

    1. CheeryFox
    2. Lavo


      Diamundo Terraria?!

  16. This I love cats I'd be the best cat ever
  17. Roseluck1

    General Chat Thread

    Hey, maybe some people like being doormats! Besides, it's not that you have to stay up all day and night and never sleep. Polyphasic sleep is a thing, my friend :3
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    2. Flying Vantas

      Flying Vantas

      this lags my cumputer like hell but its a pleasung sight

    3. Roseluck1


      Sounds like somekitty needs a better PC :<

      Laggy cats are not enjoyable cats :C

    4. Flying Vantas

      Flying Vantas

      Yeah, a ton of .GIFs will do that to your PC.

  18. I still can't get over the fact you straight up asked someone if they're fat. You sure are a doozy, cakebutt

    1. Inactive_Now


      It's how we talk, dont worry about it d:

  19. Beep boop I'm the snoot police c:
  20. (Lyrics are kinda nsfw though.) I'm starting my freedom education, so I can be citizen of the bestest country in the galaxy C:

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