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  1. oh damn half of my friends have un-friended me :(

    1. That One Techpriest You Used To Know


      Don't blame them as I haven't been active in over half a year!


    3. Jokuc


      Well I thought you left the forums :c

  2. wow its been months since I've been here still have a Christmas avatar.

  3. Happy Birthday, Mr.Spam.

  4. For your birthday, I give you the gift of spam.

  5. ooo, 3 year anniversary of adventure time in 6 days!

    1. TheBronyHeart


      ??? I thought it came out about a year ago... man has time flown.



      2010 I believe, I watched it before but only now started enjoying it.

    3. TheBronyHeart


      I am not really a fan of the show itself, but it has a fascinating backstory.


    Gaming Star Wars Battlefront

    I remember the creators of the game saying that is was 75% done then went bankrupt they asked the company for more money but I they said something along the lines of it was no where near 75% done. I don't think we will be seeing a new battlefront for a while
  7. I wonder why the internet term "spam" is named after a ham product

  8. Anyone want to play minecraft Xbox 360 gt is Da chjfe

  9. Thanks for the visit, bro! /) (\

  10. I want to make a Hackintosh but Apple will probably sue my ass.

  11. If you have no equipment then I would recommend a Blue snowball mic and the Microsoft 3000 HD webcam. If I were to record myself I would use the recording feature in windows movie maker use fraps (This is a bad idea for low end PC's since it sometimes cuts your frame rate by 10) then I would export all of to a good editing software. For editing I like to use sony vegas but it is a little pricey, windows movie maker is ok if you just want to just remove / add clip and add sound but there are plenty of free ones on the internet that are good.
  12. i don't need to make him a brony I was just asking if people thought he was a brony I have also known him for 3 years he used to say he hated the show so I am not dropping him as a friend if he doesn't like a Tv show.
  13. Originally I said I would stop watching the show if this happened since Hasbro could make the show full on girly. But now I have faith in the writers that they will do a good job.
  14. :/ Well I never forced him to watch the show he watched it himself so I am not "Making" him watch the show. And I never want round telling my friends to watch the show because I never told any of them to.
  15. I think he need to watch some of the season 1 and 2 he has only seen the 3 season but when he saw 1 episode of season 2 he enjoyed it the most and never had anything negative about it.
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