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  1. I've gone from exclusively wearing black to adding a few bright colors to my wardrobe since watching the show if that counts.
  2. Wasn't it revealed that there would be a character in the movie who will be the "queen of the hippos?" I hope that I'm remembering that correctly and not just making something up. But the new seaponies resemble hippocampi. What if the queen of the hippos thing is referring to hippocampi?
  3. It's pretty easy for a movie to make me emotional. I rarely cry unless the characters or storyline mean a lot to me. This movie will probably spark a few tears, just because I've been following these characters so much over the past two years.
  4. I had torn my ACL and needed a good, light-hearted series to distract me. Pony was the obvious choice.
  5. Well, it really comes down to how much you're paying for the things you're collecting. I've gotten a large chunk of my pony collection from thrift stores and flea markets, for reasonably low prices. I really just wait for things to end up on sale, get a coupon, or find them used somewhere, and I save a lot of money doing that. Plus, it's always possible to clean up the dirty ones. But it does get expensive if you're searcher the rare ones all the time. I myself just stick to getting anything I don't have yet.
  6. I collect absolutely anything pony related, but my favorite is probably the brushable ponies or the blind bag sized ponies.
  7. Something related to the CMC, with their new job of solving cutie mark problems, and maybe seeing any possible branches of Crusaders outside of Ponyville.
  8. I like having an all-female main cast. Like Gestum said above me, it's not common to see all of the main roles being played by females. Having mostly girls and several boys is completely fine.
  9. Probably like a shirt or something. I can never think of any gifts I want, really. I'm not one to ask for stuff.
  10. Considering this franchise has been recognizable since the 80's, I'm sure it won't fail, but it's not going to be the Disney movie of the year or something. The show itself has a large fanbase consistent both children and adults. Plus, it would be somewhat nostalgic for anyone who grew up playing with older ponies. So no, it probably won't fail.
  11. Probably an episode in a later season. Sure, there might be some confusion, but it all depends on the episode. I'd probably start someone off on the episode with Trouble Shoes.