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    Hello. My name is Rainbow Dash. I like flying. I live in Ponyville and I help in maintaining the weather in Ponyville. I like video games, music, and flying. If you want to talk to me, feel free to do so.
  1. This one I made myself. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8449978/1/Transformers_Friendships_More_Than_Meets_the_Eye
  2. I have an idea for an episode that would be pretty cool. Werehorse is an episode in Season 3. PLOT After an encounter with a strange were-horse creature, Applejack begins going through a Jekyll and Hyde-like transformation at night, becoming a rampaging Were-horse herself. Now, the Mane 5 must find a cure for Applejack. What do you think?
  3. I didn't make it. I found it on the Internet and thought it'd be PERFECT for the episode.
  4. I thought up of an idea. What if they did an episode that revolved around Princess Celestia? Here's a way I think they could do it. Evil Celestia is the 2nd episode of the 3rd season (1st being my Transformers crossover) and is the first episode to revolve around Princess Celestia. It's also the second episode where one of the major characters turns evil (1st being Spike in Secret of My Excess) PLOT A heat wave has been making Equestria very hot, and all the ponies are trying to find ways to keep cool during the hot hours. This is because of the fact that this is the time of year when the sun is closer to Equestria than ususal. Twilight Sparkle is sending her usual letter to Princess Celestia, but she does not get a response. Twilight suspects that Celestia must’ve been kidnapped, so she gets all the other Mane 6, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity, to go to the castle with her and investigate. They ask a guard where Princess Celestia is, but the guard tells her she’s been acting very strange lately. She has been very tempermental and angry, and her temperature is rising at an alarming rate. The ponies go into the castle and spot Princess Celestia, who is acting weird. It’s too hot to be around her because she is giving off enormous amounts of heat to everything around her. Not even Celestia knows what’s happening to her, so Princess Luna and the other ponies take her to see Zecora. Zecora reveals that Princess Celestia’s powers revolve around the sun, due in part to her responsibilityof raising the sun every dawn of day. Because of the heat wave coming from the sun, Princess Celestia is absorbing the sun’s rays, making her become more and more powerful than usual. The sun’s super-hot rays are also making her evil. The heat wave temperature eventually increases, causing Princess Celestia to transform. Her tail and mane are now made of fire, and her eyes turn red. She also becomes really evil. Princess Celestia breaks through the roof, and she gains fire powers. Princess Celestia starts burning down buildings in Ponyville. Princess Luna tells the ponies that only the Elements of Harmony can return Princess Celestia to normal. Princess Luna quickly tells the ponies to get the Elements of Harmony and she will keep Princess Celestia busy. Princess Celestia continues burning Ponyville to the ground, and Princess Luna confronts Princess Celestia, who engages Luna in combat. Princess Celestia overpowers Princess Luna, and easily defeats her. Thankfully, the ponies arrive with the Elements of Harmony. Princess Celestia attacks the ponies, but they quickly use the Elements of Harmony on Princess Celestia, returning her to normal. Princess Celestia sincerely apologizes for the damage and destruction she’s caused, and promises to help rebuild. Also, the heat wave finally ends. So, what do you think?
  5. Transformers: Revenge of Chaos is the 2nd sequel and final installment in the Friendship Is magic/Transformers Crossover series. It is the most action-packed of them all. It is the only installment to have Megatron NOT be the main antagonist. That role is taken by Discord. Megatron WILL be in the film, but as a secondary antagonist. PLOT 1 year after the events of the second movie, Equestria is once again in peace, and Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity and Fluttershy are now celebrating Apple Bloom’s birthday, while the Autobots are now solving more Friendship is Magic-like problems, like keeping The Elements of Harmony safe from evil. Optimus and the Autobots recently teamed up with the Wonderbolts to keep Equestria safe from Decepticons. But they have no idea of the darkness that is to come. The Autobots and Wonderbolts recently detected weird energy signals coming from an abandoned factory outside of Canterlot. The Wonderbolts go inside the factory and spot a strange substance known as Dark Energon. Dark Energon is a powerful object that can corrupt creatures and Transformers. It can also revive the dead. Suddenly, a huge Decepticon smashes out of the ground. It’s an upgraded version of Devastator, called Devastator 2.0(or D-2 for short). D-2 attacks the Wonderbolts. They try to fight, but they are no match for the towering robot. D-2 takes most of Dark Energon and destroys the factory. It spots Optimus, and he and Optimus fight. Optimus is smaller than D-2, but Optimus manages to inflict enough damage to him, forcing him to retreat. Optimus manages to steal a sample of Dark Energon. He and the Autobots show Princess Celestia the Dark Energon. Celestia knows that this could be useful for the Decepticons, and she doesn’t know what they could be planning this time. Meanwhile, Megatron, who is severely damaged after the last battle in the second movie, is hiding out in the Everfree Forest with his 2 remaining minions, Starscream and Soundwave (Barricade was killed in the second movie). Megatron tells his 2 minions that during his travels in the forest, he has come across a creature frozen in stone. A creature the ponies call Discord the God of Chaos. He found out he was an evil being that caused chaos in Equestria, but was defeated by The Elements of Harmony. Megatron decides to free Discord from his stone prison again, and upgrade him using the Dark Energon D-2 stole. Megatron stabs the stone statue of Discord with the Dark Energon shard. The shard goes into Discord’s body, causing the stone statue to increase in size to Megatron’s height, and starts rattling. Eventually, Discord smashes free from his stone prison. He was clearly very angry about his last defeat in The Return of Harmony. So, Megatron tells Discord about his proposition for him. Discord agrees to Megatron’s proposal, and they head out to Princess Celestia’s castle. Princess Celestia is watching over her kingdom through the window, but the wall explodes, revealing Discord’s towering presence. Discord rampages through the castle, obliterating all that stands in his way. The royal guards are NO match for Discord’s newfound power. Celestia sends a distress signal to Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie. The 6 ponies make it just in time and use the Elements of Harmony on Discord. However, this time, the Elements have ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT on Discord. Discord reveals his secret: He has the power of Dark Energon in his system. He also tells them that he’s made a deal with Megatron earlier. Due to this, he is super-powerful. Discord attacks the ponies, forcing them to retreat for now. Optimus then arrives at the castle, and looks at the damage, destruction, and chaos that has happened there. Celestia tells Optimus everything: The Dark Energon, Discord, Megatron, and all that. Optimus tries to go find Discord and Megatron and see what they’re plan is. The ponies, The Wonderbolts and Autobots spot Discord at Cloudsdale triggering a space bridge that Megatron has been building for some time. The Autobots and Wonderbolts confront Discord and try to stop him, but it’s too late. The Space Bridge is activated, and a huge army of Decepticons attacks Cloudsdale, leveling the city. It is revealed that Discord and Megatron plan to enslave the ponies and take Equestria’s resources using pillars set up around Equestria and rebuild Cybertron with them. The Autobots are overwhelmed by the army of Decepticons and are forced to retreat. Discord captures Princess Celestia and orders the exile of ALL Autobots from Equestria. The Autobots are forced to comply. With the Autobots gone, Discord takes over command of the Decepticons, betraying and demoting Megatron to a mere second-in-command. Discord then order the Decepticons to attack Manehattan. Discord leads the invasion and goes on a rampage. The Decepticons show no mercy, and destroy everything in their path. Decepticon ships shoot lasers at buildings, raining destruction upon the ponies that live in Manehattan. In only an hour or 2, Manehattan is in ruins. The ponies can only watch as the Discord and the Decepticons take over Manehattan. Just when it seems like all hope is lost, a ship attacks the ponies, but is shot down. It was Optimus Prime. The Autobots have returned. Optimus says, “Did you really think we’d leave you in your time of need?” When a Decepticon reports this to Megatron, he is shocked at the news. But Discord anticipated this move on Optimus’ part. He orders all Decepticons to find the Autobots and destroy them. The Autobots and the ponies set out to rescue Princess Celestia, who is being held captive in the Horsepire State Building (parody of The Empire State Building), the tallest building in Manehattan. But they are spotted by the Decepticons. Optimus tells the ponies to go on in and find Princess Celestia, while he deals with The Decepticons. An army of Decepticons, led by Megatron, attacks the Autobots. Optimus battles Megatron, and the other Autobots fend off the Decepticons. But Devastator 2.0(D-2) returns and climbs up the Horsepire State Building, and he spots the ponies, who have rescued Princess Celestia, and attacks the building. The ponies are cornered as the upper half of the building takes so much damage that that part falls onto another building. Fortunatley, the ponies make it out OK, but are attacked by D-2, but Ironhide intervenes and hammers D-2’s face. Optimus repels Megatron, who goes into an alleyway. Optimus yells at Discord telling to come down and face him. Discord complies, asking Optimus, “Why is it you choose Ponykind when I’m trying to help restore Cybertron for you and your pal Megatron?” Optimus tells Discord it is not right to sacrifice the lives of the ponies even for the sake of Transformer-kind. Discord attacks Optimus, and he and Discord engage in an intense battle. The ponies and Autobots try to help Optimus, but Discord easily fends them off. Optimus re-engages Discord, and their battle continues. Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy find Megatron and try to persuade him to help Optimus. Megatron refuses at first, but Pinkie Pie tells Megatron that if Discord succeeds, he will rule Cybertron, not Megatron. She also tries to reason with Megatron that both Optimus and him fight to restore Cybertron, only in different ways, and that this isn’t the right way. After enough reasoning, Megatron finds enough heart to realize all the damage he has caused, and agrees to stop Discord . Meanwhile, Optimus’ left hand is ripped off by Discord, and Discord is about to execute Optimus for good, but Megatron intervenes, and attacks Discord. Megatron tells Optimus he’s here to save his life. Optimus and Megatron team up to defeat Discord, with Megatron fighting Discord while Optimus shuts down the pillars in Manehattan. Megatron hammers Discord enough for the ponies to use The Elements of Harmony to turn Discord into stone yet again. In the end, Optimus and Megatron form a truce and Megatron goes off with his Decepticons to rebuild Cybertron, and will call Optimus when it’s ready. Everything is back to normal. In the meantime, Optimus and the Autobots will protect the ponies from any other threats. The end. TO CHECK OUT THE FIRST MOVIE, CLICK HERE! http://mlpforums.com...404#entry308404 To see the second film, click here: http://mlpforums.com...436#entry308436 Here's some concept art.
  6. Didn't you see my audition that I wanted to be the killer plant. This is a little Shop of Horrors parody isn't it?
  7. No. I just don No. I just don't know where else to put it. Yeah. I guess.
  8. Since judging from the titile, this is a parody of the "Little Shop of Horrors" movie, can I be the killer plant, Audrey 2? Here's my audition: FEED ME!!!
  9. A Transformers crossover. I made a thread of my idea. Check it out. http://mlpforums.com/topic/13759-transformers-friendship-is-more-than-meets-the-eyemy-version/page__p__308404#entry308404 It'd be tough, that's for sure.
  10. Transformers: Return to Ponyville is the first sequel in the Transformers/Friendship is Magic crossover trilogy. It will feature some more bots, such as Devastator. NEW BOTS Sideswipe Devastator Brawl PLOT 6 months after the events of the first movie, Optimus Prime and the Autobots has been protecting Ponyville from Decepticons that have been invading Equestira. They even got a new recruit Autobot named Sideswipe. Meanwhile, the ponies have been doing their average pony thing. But they don't know that the Decepticons are planning something. But Optimus is suspicious. He calls a meeting with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, telling them what's going on. Princess Celestia assures Optimus that with Megatron destroyed, the Decepticons will have no choice but to give up. But Optimus isn't so sure. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash discovers a piece of the Allspark, which was destroyed during the battle in Ponyville in the first movie. She thinks the Decepticons want it, so she tries to hide it somewhere where they can't find it. But the fragment's energy signals are emitting. The Decepticons, led by Starscream, find out the location of the shard and attack Ponyville to get it. The Autobots arrive just in time to fight the Decepticons, and a fight happens. But the Decepticons get the shard and make off with it. The Decepticons find Megatron's body, which was dumped in the Equine River. They use the shard and bring Megatron back to life. The Decepticons head to the woods to discuss their plan. Megatron tells them that he's heard of this thing called The Elements of Harmony, and tells his minions they could be useful to the Decepticon cause. So, the Decepticons attack and destroy Canterlot and kidnap Princess Celestia, threatening to kill her unless the ponies hand over the Elements of Harmony. The non-main ponies decide to give Megatron the Elements of Harmony to save Princess Celestia. But, Rainbow Dash says NO! RD manages to knock some sense into Twilight, though, and together, they rally all the ponies and tell them they're not going down without a fight and they manage to find Optimus and the Autobots. The ponies and Autobots head to the ruins of Canterlot to confront the Decepticons, and plan to use fake Elements of Harmony to trick Megatron and plan to use the REAL Elements of Harmony to defeat Megatron. Megatron examines the fake Elements of Harmony, fooled at first, but then he sees through their trick, telling them the REAL Elements of Harmony are NOT made of plastic. A huge battle in Canterlot happens, and Megatron swipes the REAL Elements of Harmony, and he becomes EXTREMELY powerful. Using the Elements of Harmony, Megatron hammers Optimus during their fight, and sends the Decepticons to attack the Autobots, and Devastator, a huge monster robot made of 6 Constructicons, to destroy the ponies. Optimus fights Devastator, and with the help of Rainbow Dash, destroys him. The ponies and Autobots fight the Decepticons in an intense battle, while Optimus confronts Megatron again, and gets pummeled again due to Megatron wielding the power of The Elements of Harmony. But Optimus finds enough strength to hit Megatron hard enough to knock the artifacts controlling the Elements of Harmony off Megatron's head. The ponies use the Elements of Harmony to severly damage Megatron, and he and his Decepticons are forced to leave Equestria. But Megatron vows that this is not over. Equestria is saved once again through the courage of the ponies and the Autobots. The End SEQUEL Another sequel is being planned. It is the last installment in the trilogy and will be THE MOST ACTION PACKED! TO CHECK OUT THE FIRST MOVIE, CLICK HERE! http://mlpforums.com...404#entry308404