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  1. The only big brand pizza place where I live is Dominos so I mostly just buy that when I order pizza. There is a generic kebab shop near me which sells nice pizzas too I mostly buy burgers from there, though.
  2. Apparently, Dollz are still a thing http://www.dollzmania.com/Dressup_Games_Dollmakers.htm
  3. Buy a nice house, donate some to charity and give some money to my family. I probably would still live in Wales as all my family/friends are here.
  4. Member Berry

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Meet The Parents. I've never actually seen it before. It was pretty funny.
  5. Introvert. The vast majority of people do my head in.
  6. MrEnter seems to get a lot of hate. I don't really get why. I find his videos quite entertaining. I'm not a massive fan girl or anything but think he's alright.
  7. Yeah, top15s are pretty good They have about three or four different narrators. "Chills" is one of the narrators and has his own channel. A lot of people seem to hate Chills' voice but I quite like him.
  8. Oh God, I have loads lol. Andre "Black Nerd" AsapSCIENCE ashens Blaire White Bobsheaux CaptainSauce (I mostly just watch his Sims LPs) Channel Awesome Chills ElectricDragon505 Frog Leap Studios Good Mythical Morning hotdiggedydemon I Hate Everything Jem Reviews JonTronShow Lazy Game Reviews Patterrz PhantomStrider PIEGUYRULZ Quinton Reviews Real Stories RebelTaxi SciShow SecondClancy shadypenguinn Shoe0nHead Sim-antha Strange Mysteries The Sim Supply TheMysteriousMrEnter Top5s Top15s YourMovieSucksDOTorg
  9. Not really internet related, more Windows related but who remembers this?
  10. Damn Limewire What a dodgy app that was.
  11. Maybe after the first couple of 100 years it could become a depressing chore. We aren't designed to live forever so maybe it would feel wrong after a bit. I'd give it a go, though lol. Maybe we could somehow still kill ourselves if it ever became too much.
  12. Why not? If the option would be there I'd take it. I am very interested in chemical brain preservation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemical_brain_preservation If the money is there when I die (which I doubt, but I obviously can't say that for certain) then I will have it done.
  13. Member Berry

    Movies/TV The Emoji Movie

    I like watching bad movie reviews on YouTube so I'm actually looking forward to it, LOL. Seriously though, wtf are Sony doing?
  14. Dara O briain Live in London
  15. I prefer coffee but normally say tea as most people I know use instant coffee
  16. Hated it. I liked primary (elementary) school but hated high school. I was an awkward spotty goth kid and got bullied. Such nice children turn into complete assholes once they hit puberty. Some of the kids I considered friends in primary school started bullying me. By the end of high school, I made some true friends, though. They were the only ones who kept me sane there. A good few of my lessons consisted of some kid being cheeky to a teacher and the teacher basically having a meltdown. My one Welsh teacher would always go storming off for 10 minutes looking for the head of year to gi
  17. I like chewy cookies and crispy bacon
  18. I'm the exact same. I'll watch one now and again now but I don't religiously watch it. I just like the forums more than anything.
  19. I'm an Aries, so a diamond because I'm awesome
  20. Member Berry

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Relieved and stressed out at the same time. My dog had severe health issues recently, he looked REALLY ill this morning. My dad got him an emergency appointment at the Vets, we drove to the vets and halfway there I remembered the oven was still on so had to drive back to turn it off. They put my dog on a drip as he was dehydrated and they gave him antibiotics. He seems a little better now but we have to take him back up there tomorrow.
  21. I'm Welsh and use a lot of British/Welsh slang. I also spell things Britishly. "Color" without the U looks so weird to me. The GameBoy Color was spelt without a U. (Yeah, not using a U in this post is really bothering me lol)
  22. Member Berry

    'bad' words

    It's the context which makes words bad, not the words themselves.
  23. Member Berry

    General Do You Have An Accent?

    Yeah. I have a South Wales valleys accent.
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