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  1. Looks like somepony's definitely ready for Nightmare Night. Soo beautiful and adorbs!!!
  2. With last week being the 10 year anniversary of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic first airing, I came across this really great series of tweets by showrunner Lauren Faust commemorating the occasion. While not explicitly Fluttershy related, I still felt it was worth sharing here for everypony's benefit in its entirety. "It's been ten years today since the premiere of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. I really don't know how to say how I feel. This milestone is, for certain, bittersweet for me. I have about a million mixed emotions. But the dominant emotion for me is GRATITUDE. I'm grateful for the inspiration starting way back from childhood. I'm grateful for such an opportunity. I'm grateful for the unbelievable circumstances that led to the execution of a sincere vision (I mean, how often does that happen?). I'm grateful for the honor of creating something that inspired other artists to bring their own voices, ideas, and vision to the world. And more than anything, I'm grateful for the people who gave this world and these characters their time, their honest consideration, their interest, their love, and the courage to feel they are spreading a message of friendship, and that it is magical. I worried once that that concept sounded trite, or silly, or laughable-- but it has been incredible to learn that it is real and in the hearts of all of us. What a tremendous thing to come from small, candy-colored horses with pictures on their butts! I'm beyond proud that it will continue to hold such meaning for so many. And GRATEFUL is not a big enough word for how I feel about that. Happy Ponyversary!" It's been our pleasure to be a part of this, Lauren. Here's to 10 years of Pony as well as whatever lies in store in the future.
  3. I'm sure Fluttershy would love to meet a Pikachu (or most other Pokemon for that matter), but she definitely wouldn't approve of the Pokemon fighting.
  4. The most adorable pony of them all. :3 And that's saying a lot.
  5. No lie, that's one of my absolute favorites from this line-up and the dresses she wears here put her on full display as the princess I know she is.
  6. Just a sampling of Fluttershy's many dazzling looks. Even her everyday getup still looks effortlessly phenomenal.
  7. Sporting the "sexy inner city" look I see. Nice.
  8. More adorable Fluttersocks! Hnng!!!
  9. Interesting piece here. Can't tell if it's watercolor or a chalk etching. Could be both for all I know. Not much of an artist in that sense. Not yet at least.
  10. I'd sure enjoy going for a swim with her any day.
  11. Not an outfit you see every day, yet no less adorable.
  12. O.K. About a month ago, I briefly mentioned that I have a fanfic coming out on FIMFiction in which Well, since @Spidey10 and @ExplosionMare specifically expressed interest in it, I'm now giving them (and anypony else who's interested) this update that the first chapter of the fic titled will officially be dropping on the site this Friday some time around 5-6 PM EST. As this fic is the 5th in a series, it'll probably be better to read the fics that came before it as there are several references to past events within the fics themselves. My FIMFiction account is linked in my signature where you can find the fic easily when it is published. Hope you guys enjoy, especially @Spidey10 and @ExplosionMare.