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  1. Goodwill is my home away from home. I go there all the time for cosplay stuff, haunted house props around Halloween (Including this awesome late 80s TV I found for only $4 there), and expanding my VHS collection. It also helps there's one that's a 7 minute drive from my house so it's pretty close.
  2. Good God that was beautiful. I knew the rest of Bullet Club was coming once Finn Balor had the Balor Club shirt and it was a matter of time since AJ came that the rest would follow. Enzo and Cass kind of remind me of the New Age Outlaws for any of you old school fans out there. Road Dogg had "Oh you didn't know?" and Enzo and Cass have "Bada Boom, realest guys in the room! How you doin'!" NAO has their little spiel about being WWF "TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOOOOOOORLD!" and the latter have their spiel where "You can't teach that!"
  3. Huge wrestling fan here, have been my entire life, with a couple of breaks in between the years (Stopped around 2008, but came back in 2014). I mainly watch the older stuff like WWF, WCW, ECW, I watch some NJPW from time to time and I have been meaning to give Lucha Underground a shot. Also, NXT is the best. Just throwing that out there, and I love it when NXT folks come up to WWE, like last week Enzo and Cass and Apollo Crews came on the scene along with Sami Zayn. Show stoppers the lot of them
  4. I've only seen one episode thus far (The Sleepover) which was a take on The Hangover but replace a hard night partying and drinking with a sugar crash at a sleepover. I thought it was good enough. The character voices are serviceable, Blossom and Buttercup sound spot on but Bubbles is questionable. That's not to say only Tara can voice her, since I've heard other VAs try for a similar voice and nail it. I like how they got Mojo and The Professor's voice actors back, but I think that was a necessity since their voices are unique. The gags were funny, a few made me laugh out loud, so n
  5. I forgot to add one thing: Worldbuilding and continuity. Most shows these days, at least with regards to cartoons, nix these things because they're primarily made to make little Jimmy or Susie shut it for a half hour and the old adage of "Kids are morons" but MLP says nuts to that notion and has great continuity. Take for example when Twilight's old home is destroyed, by next season some shows would ignore that and have her back at the library like nothing happened, but instead we get a story about where Twilight is going to call home now that it's a smoldering heap. Same with her being a
  6. A better question is what isn't there to like. I personally was drawn on the design. You could tell they were equestrian, but not too horse-like. The music and characters further drew me in, since at the time the writing wasn't as dynamic as it is now.
  7. I'm going to play devil's advocate and say My Little Dashie is overrated. I never found it engaging personally and I felt like it tried being as sad and manipulative as possible. I know it's the darling of the MLP fanfic community and the gold standard for sadfics, but I am just not a fan unfortunately. With that out of the way, there was an early fanfic which showed that Spike had grown up and the rest of the mane 6 had passed on except for Twilight for obvious reasons. Spike was growing into the dragon equal of a late teen/young adult and he and Twilight were passing by what used to be
  8. Since I've been in the fandom since the beginning, I've had my lion's share: Michelle follows me on Twitter (though we don't interact too much) Tabitha has faved and replied to a few tweets I sent her Tara randomly liked a couple of random non pony pics I did on Facebook Steffan and I have exchanged puns over the years Daniel has faved some of my tweets and it's clear he's checked out my covers before. One moment of note when I was talking about how the EqG soundtrack was the best part of the movie, he said "High praise coming from a fellow shredder." Me and a few othe
  9. I feel I relate to the ponies I consider my favorites. It could be as simple as "I think she's adorable" or anything but that's just scratching the surface. For example, I can relate to Fluttershy because I too suffer from social anxiety, especially not wanting to impose on people. We both have moments where we get angry and regret it later, and it helps that I like her design and color palate with the cool yellow and pink. Plus I was bullied a lot as a child, much like she was, which may have contributed to my social anxiety. Pinkie I can relate to because once I get over my shyness
  10. Honestly, I don't really care for reviewers and analysts. I go by the notion that "sometimes a cigar's just a cigar" and a lot of analysts look too deep into things. That said for the purpose of the thread, if I had to choose someone I feel to be the best, it'd be Dr. Wolf easily. His voice is calm, I like his simple presentation, and he does raise a few great points here and there. Even then I don't go out of my way to watch him, I just do if I need something to listen to and I'm not in a music mood. He's also rather humble which I greatly appreciate, since some critics seem to forget whe
  11. In the CMC song's defense, it's supposed to suck, to the point where they had to digitally make the voices out of tune in places since it always came out too good. Besides, the instrumentation is great, me being an 80s freak and this being I Just Died in your Arms with the serial numbers filed off. As for my least favorite, I thought Glass of Water was disappointing. It would have worked better as a poetic sequence than a song, but that's me and my silly opinion. Some of Pinkie's early stuff was grating as well.
  12. Actual articulated ponies with decent points of articulation! Being an action figure nut, I am ecstatic! I wonder if these are in the same vein as the EqG Minis series, since they were articulated as well. These seem more action oriented than the Minis but I can't wait to see these in person to make a judgment then and there.
  13. AbeLinkedIn

    The 4DE Plushes

    Mine, compared to the other two ponies I have (RD and Rarity) seems pretty normal. The newer patterns have a more pronounced muzzle, and all of mine are pretty pronounced in a profile, though Flutters' is a bit larger than say Rarity. Then again she did have a rather large muzzle when she was a filly compared to the others, but IDK. Again I think it has all to do with the new pattern they're using.
  14. This, simply this: Oh wait, that's not on the album? Alright what about this? Not on it either? But they're all cheap novelty Christmas songs! And that's what this album is right? Cheap novelty Christmas songs cobranded with a cash cow franchise? Okay enough of me trying to be funny, the top song for me has to be Silent Night. Sure the religious references were taken out but the performance was what saved it. It's a very fitting song for Fluttershy, more so than any of the other songs on the album. The 12 Days of Christmas reminded me of We Wish You a Turtle Christ
  15. Honestly I wouldn't mind it. Even if it's a random pony I'd still find it flattering and actually awesome that we have a mutual thing going on, me being a pony fan and vice versa. I'd even go on to ask about if they have human conventions, merchandise, music, art, etc. just like we have with ponies and basically blow their mind. It's an interesting thought. As for the kissing/loving part, I honestly don't see how I could be a favorite of any pony enough for them to make out with me, but as long as their breath isn't terrible who am I to deny?
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