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  1. About to go through 421 notification.. I don't even know if I can go that far back..

  2. @, Tis fixed! Thanks for pointing it out
  3. @, Oh oh! I'll have to work on that then :3 @, I'm sorry! That's why it was in a spoiler--
  4. @, How does this look to you? c: I adjusted the eye a bit~
  5. I've always been one to stick to "Canon" pony designs. You know, the pastel colors, no blood or gore, etc. But recently I sort of has inspiration for other worldly ponies, like phantoms or glass ponies. Thanks Supernatural. I previously posted "Ice Beam" as a Crystal pony, but after many people pointed out that there were no "unicorn" crystal ponies, I decided to make her a glass pony. As for Entity, I was inspired by multiple images, and put them together into one design. Both initial base designs were created with the Pony Maker. Ice Beam: Entity:
  6. Lighten the mane and tail colors, got it:D I"m glad you like her :3 She popped into my head earlier
  7. I'm looking for feedback purely on her design :3 She's a young filly, around 16 or 15 Design = mane, tail, color palette, stuff like that Her name is Heart Flutter.
  8. Morning sings to the flower, she has a soft high voice when singing :3 So I suppose it's good.
    1. Terra woodsland

      Terra woodsland


      bo burham's left brain/right brain from his special "what"

  9. I wonder if I can sleep with my eyes open.. experiment time

    1. Shadow Dash DJ Rod
    2. Roseluck1


      Wide open? I wouldn't recommend it :<


    3. internet pone

      internet pone

      Don't even try. It hurts.

  10. Don't have time to type a long message so next best thing!! <3 I'll be on later, probably like 11 or so, if you're sleepy, sleep :3 Cause I would If I could x.x SLeep for me xD haha Anyways, byes <3 Havea good day lovie

    1. Roseluck1


      Commenting is the new hip thing? Awesome <:

      Alright, I suppose I'll see you in 6-ish hours <3

      I'd sleep for you, although I'm afraid I'll have to go out and about v.v;

      Either way, you have a good day too <3

  11. Nomming on unhealthy stuff is my forte ;D

    1. TheRockARooster
    2. Roseluck1


      Unhealthy, but too darn delicious ;~;

      Choclit <3

  12. Morning Glory

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    CAUTION: Will Get stuck in your head---
  13. I was like "Oh I'll go to bed at 8.. Then it was 9.. NOW ITS 10" what happened----

  14. My room is dark and my dog is growling at something in the distance and it's freaking me out---

    1. Nintenboy195


      Don't worry Miss, It'll be ok ^^

    2. Clockwork Chaos

      Clockwork Chaos

      probably just a monster, you'll be alright.

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