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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Just thought I would show my actin all its forms from traditional to digital and even wood working. All the oct are property of the respected owners but the art is mine. Would love to hear some feedback form all of you out there.
  4. it has been a while but I am back better then ever


  5. happy birthday *hugs*

  6. hey guys here are the last ones and the hardest one for me was zecora because i wasn't use to drawing here so it was a challenge but it was fun
  7. I have these done will do the rest most likely next monday to busy on the weekend. I you would like these printed and laminated and picked up at the con pm me for locations on thursday and friday.
  8. *boop* Welcome~! :3

  9. working on it right now here is the sketch coloring her in on tuesday. here are the sketches i threw together please tell me what you think and i can fix them if i need to
  10. I'm doing headshots for badges but i can draw either pinkie pie or pinkamena for you as a head shot
  11. or you could tell me what you would like and i could make it a reality
  12. i would love to and I'm super excited because i am one of the five finalists for the voice equestria hope to see you there and i will have this one done by next week have a very busy schedule thanks
  13. oh sry maybe i might do the badges for anyone I'm not totally for sure but just keep checking
  14. Hello everyone I know you may not know me but I'm wanting to do something special for 10-15 people. I am trying to get better at art, and I thought why not make some custom oc badges for people who are going to be at the con. All you have to do for me is give me credit if someone asks you who made it (like that will happen). The way you can get these is by telling me you want one and by also sharing the details of you oc and if you don't have an oc you can name a character from the show you want. I will be giving this out at the con on the 21 after I arrive but if you want yours before then i might be able to ship them to you. (pm me for more details in that manner) Here are just a few examples of the oc badges i have made for my friends