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  1. I will say the biological reason to procreate that someone mentioned earlier. And obviously nowadays it's also socially expected for people to have kids, so that was always there. Personally, I def. do not want children. Some give reasons like letting your legacy live on or to teach them to make the world a better place, but honestly that sounds like alot of unncessary pressure to put on a child/person and a big fuck you to their own ambitions they might want but don't go for them because they want to live up to some bogus legacy. I would say the best reason for wanting a child is just because you do. I would say adoption might be the best option for any party involved, but whatevs. Not gonna argue for it.
  2. Bought a good amount of merch at Ponyfest. Super excited for it to arrive!

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    2. Misscellanio


      It was on a discord server. Yea just watch. It had panels, games, non-stop pony fans in conversation (still going), vendor hall, etc.

      Voice chat, and you could also stream your own thing if you wanted to. Peeps hosted games of skibblio, jackbox, etc. 

    3. LegoshiLunA


      huh it does sound like fun but im to shy to show my self or my voice...it sounds like i have a horse...get it ? XD but ya it sounds rough which is why i have one vocal cord from heart surgury soo hardly anyone will understand me sometimes.

    4. Misscellanio


      Well you don't have to join voice chat or video chat. There is still everything else XD

  3. Finally saw the Steven Universe: Future finale, and wow.....it was amazing. 

    Cried. Laughed. Smiled huge. Face kinda hurts now from the full spectrum of emotions. 

    Incredible ending. Probably the most perfect show I've ever watched. Between that and The Last Airbender.

  4. Had a fun game of skribblio with bronies from the Ponyfest discord!

    lots of fun!

  5. Really enjoying Ponyfest right now! Can't wait for later tonight (special guests and concert)

    also posted a pic of my friends and I in the post a picture thread. Miss them dearly. 



  6. About 20 more mins until PonyFest Online opening ceremonies starts! 

  7. Wow. Was chatting in the Ponyfest discord for almost 6 hours. And it’s abour to be 4am. 

    Never had that much fun in a dicots server before. 

    Well time to sleep for the convention in lie 5 hours XD oops

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    2. Misscellanio


      Yea you commented on my status before saying you live in the same state XD 

      Ooo which anime?

    3. Bakugou Is My Man ❤

      Bakugou Is My Man ❤

      Oh, shit. Sorry about that ^_^

      I was watching Black Clover. I am all caught up on it.

    4. Misscellanio


      No worries. Whinny city ponycon got moved to July so maybe you’d be able to make it. 

      And ah, my friend watches that. A lol too long for me to attempt. You watch Dr.Stone or Demon Slayer?

  8. Staying up late talken to bronies In convention server!

    never did this before 

  9. Season 6 of Brooklyn Nine Nine was a bit underwhelming (saw it when it came out).

    Checking out season 7 finally (been out for a while) and honestly also seems like a downgrade. Seasons 1-5 were so great. Even rewatched it. Sigh. 

    Still pretty funny tho. 

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    2. Misscellanio


      Haven’t seen too many shows that are that long so can’t say much. MLP was incredible all the way till season 7 imo. And Steven Universe was incredible throughout its 5 season and seems like it’s staying that way. 

      The Walking Dead got stale, so gave up on that. 

      Also, what do you mean “no Hablo ingles?”like are you literally saying you don’t speak English?

    3. Eniac


      I guess there's always exceptions. But I think it isn't likely that a show will stop before it goes stale. Also after about 5 or so seasons the original content creators have usually moved onto a new project?

      yes...ish. I realise it should have been: 'hablas ingles, no?:dash:'. I'll get there, tbf I haven't started any conversation with my grandma so I only know words not how they fit together.

    4. Misscellanio


      I mean i also think it’s likely which is why I tend to avoid watching shows that are already very long. 

      But just saying I haven’t seen too many. 

  10. Playing a Civ. V game and decided to not take Greece out early, (of course The Zulus were in my way) as I'm trying to win culturally without warring too much, and now they're ripping me to shreds. Am I up for the challenge?

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    2. Eniac


      The worst for city state manipulation surely would be venice given their spending power?

      But I still think sending the rocket off to end the game is pretty epic

    3. Bastian


      Im starting to think that greece is a cheater! I mean, they can have anything through their city states only! Militar power, delegates, money, science, happiness, its cheating!:Cozy:

      If you play domination then be sure to discover military technologies and obliterate them before they get too strong.

      Also, how do you win culturaly? Tourists?:P

    4. Misscellanio


      It's basically overall cultural output with the main component being great works and late game being tourism. 

      Boosts come in the form of religious strength, trading, open borders, and how well others can resist your cultural output based on their own influence.

      Yea Greece gets really powerful mid game so the strategy would be to take them out or make them weak early on. Especially when they keep getting the patronage cultural policies, where it becomes impossible to take city states away from them. 

  11. Online Pony convention tomorrow! 


  12. Throwback to spending time with my friends. We were partying! For those who don’t know me/remember I’m the one in the red shirt. Really miss them
  13. I hate these piano tutorial/play along videos on YouTube that don’t actually show you how to play the piano parts of a song and instead show you how to make the vocals on the piano. 

    I want to sing! Not play the vocals. Show me the regular piano track!

  14. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like “Feeling Pinkie Keen” 

    took about 6-8 rewatches but yup. 

    1. LegoshiLunA


      im trying to remember how it went XD

    2. Misscellanio


      Pinkie pie’s tail is twitching and it’s able predict things that can happen and then Twilight is trying to understand it but can’t. Later on they end up at froggy bottom bog and are attacked by a hydra

  15. Finished season 3 of My Hero Academia today. Glad I heard "Hero Too" because last few episodes of season 3 were great! 

    Excited for season 4. But first a rewatch of "keep your hands off eizouken"

    Also, SU finale tomorrow. So probs. gonna rewatch the season. 

    Then off to Mob Psycho.