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  1. Forgot to say yesterday after going to the theaters. 

    Big and Slim was a pretty good film, I see some acting noms coming their way and possibly score or original song. 

    And Frozen II was fantastic! I thought the first one was ok, but wow this one was wow! Song and best animated feature noms are going there. If it wasn't for Weathering with You that would be my pick for animated feature of the year. Haven't seen "WWY" yet, but I know it's the top choice at the moment. But who knows but be ignored (foreign anime film) like Your Name, A Silent Voice, and In This Corner of the World were back in 2016. 

  2. Just Endgame, and I would like to say I was disappointed but I never expected too much from the Avengers films since I saw there first two, which I was definitely not a fan of.

    Everyone was hyping the fuck out of them, so I was like I'll check them out over the last half year. Civil War was ok, Infinity War was good, and Endgame was ok. 

    (endgame spoilers)

    Biggest problems were that Endgame doesn't make sense and Captain Marvel, who was depicted at the end of Infinity War to be something pivotal in what's coming next, was gone for most of the film. Many scenes were meant to be emotional, but they weren't like Black Widow dying.

    There were alot of good things like Tony's death and him hugging Peter, the visual effects, the fight scenes feel like there is weight in them, dynamic characters more so than in Infinity War, etc. But yea, ok film.

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    2. Jefferson Steelflex

      Jefferson Steelflex


        Captain Marvel, who was depicted at the end of Infinity War to be something pivotal in what's coming next, was gone for most of the film.

      The directors were really open about how they never planned on doing much with her in the movie and that most of the stuff that featured her was out of a Mandate by Marvel. They said the movie was mostly about the OG Avengers and they wanted them to have most of the focus, which I think was fair

    3. Misscellanio


      Wait, I found the bullshit. If the timelines are already created when they go back in time, then returning the stones in order to prevent different timelines doesn't make any sense because those new timelines were already created so if anything they would be creating new timelines and not adjusting them, because that implies that going into the past changes the future but as we saw in this movie it does not. BAM! Big contradiction, I found it. 

      Honestly, using time travel in a movie, many people view it as problematic because it usually doesn't make sense, but in regards to this, like introducing time travel into the universe, essentially making it "Avengers: Travelling Through Time," it's kind of lazy and boring. 

    4. Misscellanio


      @Jefferson Steelflex it is understandable, but from a movie standpoint and even a movie universe standpoint it still is a valid criticism that takes away from the film regardless of what was happening during the making of it. 

  3. Bought some melatonin. Gonna try it out tonight. Hope it works

    1. Soren Peregrine

      Soren Peregrine

      I hope it works well for you! It should help you fall asleep faster.

    2. Misscellanio


      Well it did help me fall asleep faster. About 60mins as advertised. 

      So that’s good. Gonna try to take it an hour earlier today and head to bed an hour earlier

  4. Picked up 5 mlp comics today. Been a struggle to go and get them.

    Now About to watch Big and Slim and later Frozen II with my homie. Hopefully he’s down for some deep dish pizza later :bedeyes:

    1. Soren Peregrine

      Soren Peregrine

      Ooooh deep dish Pizza. :squee:

  5. Small issue with this anime I'm watching:

    It's winter, it's cold af and while the men/boys are wearing pants the women/girls have bare legs.


  6. Just saw Irishman. 

    It was a good film; I didn't like it tho. 

    I see a nomination for De Niro for best actor, and possibly Al Pacino for supporting.

    Obviously scorsese is gonna get the screenplay, director, picture nominations.

  7. I always considered myself hella extroverted, and I gues what I’m about to bring won’t really say that I’m not, or that I’m an introvert, but I’m definitely not as extroverted as I always thought I was. 

    Went to a Steven Universe Cabaret and it was pretty great. I was thinking I might be able to make some Steven Universe fan friends in my city, but just like left. Didn’t talk to anyone.

    idk why I feel so uncomfortable when it comes to things like that. At the mlp conventions and meetup I can talk up a storm. 

    Whenever it comes to new territory I always feel so unsure of myself. Def. something I need to work on. These unconventional assemblies must be conquered. 

  8. I love the poster/banner but Ahuizotl is represented good here like if he is actually bad, but Daring Done revealed he wasn't, and is actually a good guy himself. 

    Just a minor critique still pretty awesome. 

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    2. Jefferson Steelflex

      Jefferson Steelflex

      Tbf, that episode was kinda really bullshit

    3. Soren Peregrine

      Soren Peregrine

      I like Ahuizotl as a good guy, but yeah, I thought the episode was really weird the way it was done.

    4. Misscellanio


      I had a big problem with Fluttershy in that episode but other that I liked it alright. 

  9. Went from sleeping at 12am and waking up at 8am two years ago...

    ...to sleeping at 1am/2am and waking up at 9am/10am one year ago...

    ...to sleeping at 4am/5am and waking up at 11-1pm this year. 

    Plans to get back on my sleeping schedule definitely are not looking up. Hopefully this improves while I’m in Mexico but could only envision the road trip making it twice as hard to fall asleep. 

    Might just pull an all-nighter to get back on track now that I think about it.

    1. Soren Peregrine

      Soren Peregrine

      My thought is that you should try to go to bed sometime after the sun sets, or at least close to it, and wake up just before or at sunrise. 

      Have you tried using Melatonin? It's the natural chemical your body makes to tell you it is time to sleep. If I take it an hour before planning to sleep it knocks me out pretty good and I wake up well rested. It helps me get back on track with my sleep schedule, and it may help you.

    2. Misscellanio


      Well plan is already set in motion. 

      Gonna head to bed around 11pm.

      also sun goes down like at 5pm so def. need to fall asleep way after that. 

      This plan is already set in motion too late to think of melatonin. XD

    3. Soren Peregrine

      Soren Peregrine

      Sounds good. You may want try it some time though. Also, Magnesium supplements help calm your brain and nervous system. I take those too.

  10. Going out for Karaoke later tonight. Made new friends and they invited me to karaoke with them, but like at 11pm, and I'm just like uhhhhh that's so late.

    It's not so much that it's later, but I feel the Pub might get packed, but hey I wanna hang with my new friends :D

    And tomorrow gunna go play tabletop games with some old friends! Maybe some of these new friends would be interested in that. Hmmmm

  11. There's gunna be a Steven Universe Cabaret at a theater in my city. It's gunna be an original story that incorporates songs from the show/movie. More excited about possibly meeting some ChicagoSU fans
  12. Bought the DLC for A Hat in Time.

    This game is amazing. Nowhere near done with it yet. 

    1. Anti-Villain


      Sounds like you're having a great Time.


  13. You can do a cosplay of a character that has a different race/ethnicity/skin tone than you. 

    Just don't darken/lighten your skin. Doesn't apply to characters that are green,pink,etc.

    This isn't hard to understand XD XD We know which character you are ahaa

  14. Well, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” was a pretty great movie, 

    time for the second movie of the day:

    ”Marriage Story” at a different theater

  15. Was gunna go watch “Waves” in theater today, but there was a medical emergency on the train. 

    Got a refund on my ticket and now about to watch “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” at a different theater

    lets hope the other movie goers are courteous

    1. Soren Peregrine
    2. JingLBabe


      Let us know if you cry! I know I likely will if I see that movie!

    3. Misscellanio


      I did have fun and I did cry!