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  1. You gotta be fucking shitting me. For some reason my hide season 8 spoilers tag on Equestria Daily "expired," I don't know what happened but season 8 spoilers began showing and FUCK! I got spoiled. Luckily I don't know what it means, but shit is it easy to speculate. 

    I'M SO PEEVED!!!

    Just thinking of that scene puts me in a better mood actually. Still upset, but...actually I'm not upset anymore. 

    Fluttershy makes me smile :D

    1. Vlazamal


      I can't deal with spoilers to be honest. I can't even watch trailers for anything.

    2. Misscellanio


      Same. I avoid the shit out of everything. I prefer to go into things blind especially MLP and Star Wars

  2. So Markiplier decided to play a horror video game....a demo version...the one I'm a part of....and certain parts are pretty bad....and he gets over a million views on his vids.


    Well, my name doesn't show up in the demo anywhere. It will in the full game tho. 

    I wish someone would have told me I was going to be getting mauled by a shark/zombie fish. 

  3. I've now become more consistent with my workouts. I can already see my body reverting back to it's former shape after that 2 and a half month break. 

    Today it was 57degrees outside and I would have ran, but it was raining. Maybe the weather will remain this for a little while and I could get a run in some time this week.


  4. Plans with friends fell through today and can't play the drums (hopefully I can later)

    Time to be a bum D:

  5. Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    I braided my hair the other day and I loved the way it looked when I took the braid out
  6. FUCK! Totally forgot about the Ozzy Osbourne presale today. Tried to buy my tickets around 11:30am, which was an hour after they were available. 

    I did end buying a ticket, but...


    Really upset. 

  7. I forgot that I worked out yesterday and later in the night I ate hella pizza. 

  8. All three of my classes were smiling wide when they saw I brought in candy for them, so pretty great day especially with my wavy/curly hair my sister did for me. 

    Going to play with my homeboy today. Gunna go see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri with a different friend (also Forgotten Friendship is coming on tomorrow :D)

  9. Sometimes I'm like "I think I look cute. I wanna post a pic of myself on snapchat." But then when I take and I look at it, I feel like people are gunna think I'm conceded so then I delete it.. And then even when I'm like "Misscellanio it's really the first time you would be taking a pic like this so it doesn't really matter." So I try again but then the photo doesn't look that good to me the second time. 

    And people on my snapchat are always taking pics of themselves "looking cute." Idk 

  10. A classmate of mine was saying that she didn't like Denzel Washington as an actor. 

    So I asked her if she's ever seen Training Day

    And at first she said no, but then said "I don't watch guy movies." 

    And in my head I'm like "what the fuck is that supposed to mean," so then I said out loud "what the fuck is that supposed to mean" XD

    She said action films. And I'm just like wow. This girl doesn't know me but the implications of what she is saying are horrendous (ok not horrendous, exaggerating a bit)

    Training Day is not an action film XD is what I told her and she she just was like oh and walked away. (it was the end of class) I don't know if I just give off a "very masculine vibe"  but this isn't the first time someone's said something like that to me/assumed something like that about me. Kind of annoying, but hey the most you could do is just open yourself up a little more in front of people.

  11. Just a few more days until I see Machine Head live!!!!

    It's gunna be a fucking awesome show!

    I heard their new album Catharsis and I think it's fucking great! 

  12. For Valentine's day I'm gunna get 6 candy bags and distribute two bags to each of my classes (I have 3)

    So excited!

    1. Califorum


      Its good to hear that.

  13. Crazy how that TV/movie chicago accent everyone thinks of is totally fading XD

    I never hear that strong accent anymore. It's not ChiCAgo. Relax with the "CA" 

    Everyone still says "da" instead of "the" tho. I know I sure do. 

  14. Alright hopefully today I can get alot of work done.

    Tomorrow I'm going to my Professor's improv show with my homeboy and then on sunday gunna going over a different friend's house and watching a double feature (Blade Runner 2049 and The Big Sick)