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  1. Rollercoaster of Friendship and Forgotten Friendship need to come out on DVD already.

    I WANT THEM!!!!!

    Especially RofF

  2. Besides the ending and the screaming, this would actually be an incredible song. 

    Really love these fabulous cowboys ahaha


  3. Damn. I need alot more women's clothes XD

    Every time I get something and I'm like "oooo this is cute" I later realize I need more clothes to compliment it. 

    Curse my many years of not being into fashion and only wearing band shirts ahaha 

    1. TheNerdyGriffoN


      im sure you do get compliments there probably  shy to say it xD

    2. Misscellanio


      ahaha by compliment I meant like "these shorts match with this shirt" complement XD



    The yovidaphone playing the Yak was doing mixed with the amazing cutaways and awe of the characters at the end of the episode brought tears to my eyes. Need a version of that song somewhere. 




  5. Misscellanio

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    HOPE EVERYONE IS HAVING A GREAT PRIDE MONTH!!! Unfortunately I can't go to the Pride Parade in my city, but I still can show my support somehow! (the outfit I would have worn to the parade)
  6. Misscellanio

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Tomorrow going to go to an event hosted by Andrew W.K. and we are going to party and eat tacos. That's all the event states on FB I'm excited! Throwback to the CD signing for his new album I feel like Boulder standing next to Tom XD
  7. Misscellanio

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Day 1 of skiing in Colorado!!! It's so much fun! Also pretty damn scary
  8. Misscellanio

    What is your opinion on gender stereotypes?

    Pretty sure every pony here is just going to express disdain for stereotypes as they should.
  9. Misscellanio

    least favorite thing about your sex/gender

    Well for sex, all this fucking hair. Seriously, it’s all ugly XD I’m talken body hair not face or head hair; I love my long flowing hair (that has nothing to do with sex) but also I like having facial hair, I want a beard. But I don’t like leg, armpit, butt, or pubic hair. Of course this is different for every man but more likely to be hairy. Also of course the lack of curves. Again, this also various and can be changed by exercising the right areas etc. but obviously people of the female sex are naturally more likely to have nice curves. I want a bigger butt and legs. In terms of gender, idk. There’s a lot of things that I have surpassed and see them as societal issues that women and men both have towards “being a man”/“being masculine.” I could care less about all of those things and tbh don’t hide any of the things I’m into that might be against the norm. Fuck any expectations anyone has of being a man. I’m gonna do what I want/enjoy.
  10. Misscellanio

    What's your current cellphone wallpaper?

    My wallpaper is Ozzy Osbourne
  11. Misscellanio

    What is your opinion on Crossdressing?

    I would say if somebody wants to wear women's clothes and they're a man, or vice versa, then fuck it. The first time I wore women's clothes was a women's croptop back in 2015 I think and it was awesome. It was so pretty and there was so much air. As of right now, I plan to get some bras/bikinis, and some more crop tops, but don't care much for women's clothing beyond that. Maybe one day I'd wear a dress as I think they're beautiful and have a visual appeal suits, tuxedos, etc. don't have. I'm not exactly looking to change my body to be more "feminine" (I do shave my legs). I want to have a body like Chris Hemsworth tbh and as of right now I definitely am more on the muscular side. But I'd stil wear women's clothes cuz it looks pretty. (also don't like the fact men can expose their nipples while women can't, but that's a different story). Nothing wrong with wearing clothes that makes you feel more comfortable with yourself, and just in general, it's just clothes, so fuck it.
  12. Misscellanio

    What is your opinion on men? (Pegasisters only)

    My personal experiences are a clear rebuttal to all of this. The fact of the matter is that none of those women have ever accused me of anythingl in other words, THERE ARE WOMEN WHO ARE NOT SEEKING TO DESTROY THE LIFE OF EVERY MAN. And I'm sure I'm not going to be very far off if I say most men have good relationships with women and men. And it's not like I'm the only man I know within 500 miles of where I live; there are other men here (whoa! who would have thought) Get off that damn website and talk to some women and maybe you'd see that. And what women don't risk everything when getting with a man? Look at all the domestic abuse victims. Most of which are women. Many of them don't recover and are stuck with mental problems. And now you are generalizing. PEOPLE want compassion, understanding, etc. not just men. Those are literally basic human wants that most people desire. There are many hypocritical people in the world, but most of the time a man is scolded to act like a man when he cries it's usually by other men. People are free to want to be in relationships as they choose whether it's a man with a women, man and man, woman and woman, etc. Are there risks? Sure. But none of them are blown to the proportions your speaking. you seriously got alot of things backwards and you always are gonna see things that way the more you choose to isolate yourself and stay on websites like MGTOW where it's littered with misogynists. That of course is something else mostly done by men to other men. Change comes slowly. There are many cases where a woman has actually been put in jail/prison for raping.abusing a man. It's not impossible. Will there always be idiots who are going to say things like "women can't rape men" and "man up?" Yes. Just like there will always be racists. We all have to do our part to stop double standards by informing people.
  13. Misscellanio

    What is your opinion on men? (Pegasisters only)

    The thing I'm cautious about is getting jumped, mugged, or shot on the street by anybody whether male or female. I have many great relationships with both women and men and you sound ridiculous and so does that website. Also can't tell if you're saying being in a relationship with a woman is unwise or not being in a relationship is unwise. Either way both are huge preposterous statements as male can do wrong as well as female in a relationship.
  14. Misscellanio

    What is your opinion on men? (Pegasisters only)

    Ge mentioned MGTOW. Probably only ever reads forum posts there, and now hates women ahaha
  15. Misscellanio

    What is your opinion on men? (Pegasisters only)

    It's not every day you find a thread that makes you dumber when you reed it. #WoMeNaReEvLl