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  1. Had a pretty great day. Picked up mlp comics, got burgers with my friend, then walked around and talked with him for a few hours. Great to spend time with someone after so long. Came back home, watched 28 Days Later with my mily, and now just relaxing. 

    The burger I got was the drunken granny. The bourbon was a good touch, but the apples, not so much. I stick with their other burgers. 

    Also some ignorant dude walked by my friend and I and told me, "you look like a girl bro. Time to change it up." Obviously, trying to be a dick, but honestly if I look like a "girl," whatever that means, don't really see that as a bad thing XD

    (if anything I take it more as a complement ahaha)

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    2. Misscellanio


      Yea, it's def. a confidence boost when I'm approached in that manner, like "aye, I look good" XD

      And as someone who is pansexual def. don't care what gender anyone is (or whether or not they identify with a gender at all) when deciding if I am attracted to them

    3. LegoshiLunA


      i dont think im not that good looking to get some complements like that xD

    4. Misscellanio


      I mean it's not like strangers compliment me for that reason alot, it's just happened before is what I was saying. 

      If strangers compliment me it's usually because of my hair or voice. 

      Every now and then it might be "that's a nice dress" or something of the sort.