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  1. Who's the best pony. Glimmer, Glimmer indeed is the best pony indeed ^^
  2. Its not about console supremacy. I find those more or less time waster and just kinda nerdy and geeky stuff that doesn't interest me because its so dumb. I am just reacting towards the lazy hazzard of making every game a cinematic movie instead of an awesome game experience. I think Xbox 360 was more or less the last attempt of it. With Social media and stuff being the new hip thing around.... its like watching the Big Bang Theory. Wannabee's who tries to blend in, there is no quality in it. There is no immersion, it tries to be clever but in reality its just germs. That's basically how i will explain the new consoles, I guess the system seems good on PS4. But they sure don't have games . What i liked about SNES, PS1, Nintendo 64 was that they had stuff to offer. Its like if you went to buy a car without an engine. Its totally unpractical. Or you'd get like some dice and some movies in the car... which you don't care about, you just want to drive it and use it for driving. That's it! Seing the practical reason in it! Ps4 kinda feels the opposite of that, i havent tried Xbox One. But its surely the same. Although i havent played PS Vita. But Todd and Aaron jokes tends to use that as a running gag for not having any games. Mega64 group or something : 3
  3. Yeah it annoys me that companies complain how much piracy hurts. But they can't even advertise what it is ment to do, or even give good settings on the games it sells. Nintendo Wii sorta was ok though, although it had some problems with Component issues when stretching it on a HD TV. Still i prefer that over what Sony PS3 can do. Although even then emulators makes the screen look nicer on a Nintendo wii which i have installed. Generally i feel if this keeps up then nobody will care about consoles in the future : 3
  4. Netflix... Viaplay(well ok, maybe if you like streaming) but Singstar clustered onto the dashboard and... Social media... Like i don't care about those stuff to be honest. The only good value i get from PS3 is like Ps1 and Ps2 games.. But why is it that the whole experience is so soggy compared to playing it on a Ps1 or a Ps2. I mean the way it looks. The fact that since its on HD screen there are still a slight reduction in stretching the whole image out. I'd get a better experience playing this on a emulator than on a legal console... Piracy pays it seems :grin2: I guess i'll buy the game, but i won't use the system it sells on.
  5. i AM CLOSING IN. I dislike everything after PS2. Which i guess would make me old for having taste ^o^. Either way. I am like soon becoming 25.
  6. You are a very dazzling user indeed ^o^

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      what you mean my friend =)=)=)=)=) <3 =)?

    2. Lithophila


      It's something Rarity likes to say when something is gorgeous ^v^

    3. 碇 シンジン
  7. I think i know what you mean. I am just afraid to screw up. So i just nip point them to this and that point to this point closely. But i'll think about it : 3
  8. Yup . You have fun with that. Formal voices and good attitude with polite talk is kinda cool about the southern part of USA : 3. Like "Pardon ma'am/sir" or "Y'all be good now, ya hear?"
  9. There is a difference between helping and being simply naive. Having people of other religious and ethnic conflicts with a view that women are property, and that you can just treat people like dirt if they are considered "Naked" which would be not comforming to their religious ideals like wearing a tent on your body, which is the opposite of better values that we share compared to their primitive 7th century values, it is bound to go chaotic. Like Sweden is a pure good example of a friggin bad policy. when it comes to it. I mean if helping means by letting your country burn... then that's a very poor definition of it. But in either case 2016 will be interesting
  10. An old drawing i drew in the past, using Gimp trace to make the lines and paint it up. I tried to make it as dazzling as i could though :grin2:
  11. Well the hand drawing itself is the same. Its just a better way to more or less making it clear. Although some do have digital drawing boards so that you can draw on the PC directly. But some just are too cheap.. So this is like the best free thing you can do. Take a pic of your drawing, use trace tool in Gimp. And boom, you have digital lines to fill with paint easily, clear and simple. Although it helps to practice drawing in general in terms of skills. I think this is just really helpful to people who wants it fleshed out better ^v^
  12. Been using the tracing tool in Gimp. If you compare the avatar i have now with the one i used to trace the drawing i made in terms of hand drawing. Its clearly superior than coloring over the photos from camera pictures with a overlaying tool. I also made a few changes. Like the mouth and the little stars : 3 Although some use digital drawing boards. But this is a good way if you simply are too cheap to buy one The point of the tool is that you can have fresh digital lines that you use to trace every line that you drew hand for hand. So its like you were to use a precise paint or something : 3. And then using a full paint to just color the stuff easily. Also been testing the with of coloring areas that it cannot reach so that it doesn't look too sloppy with coloring, which i experienced when coloring black on eyes and then slight white came out in some areas it didn't color etc. Although still bad floppy ears. But that can be fixed with later drawings and stuff ^v^ Edit: Update, i changed the example now with the image here : 3. So you can't compare it to my old anymore sowwy.. : 3
  13. I have been testing out a tracing tool in Gimp. I traced a drawing i made of Sonic. It seems to work great to make the lines crisp. Its a good way for people who are too cheap to buy a digital drawing board or something that you plug to the PC : 3 Basically if you take a Picture of your drawing. Import it to the PC. Use that pic to trace it with a tracing tool in gimp. Then push add Strokes.. And voila, you get digital lines of your drawing . I prefer this method than using overlaying coloring to a picture taken from a mobile phone ^v^