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  1. undiscorded

    Who here is unemployed?

    im claiming disability for a few things but it gets boring sitting around on my flank doing nothing. i wish i had something to do
  2. undiscorded

    Weirdest name you've given to a pet

    i got a husky not long ago and called it huggie
  3. undiscorded

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    i am having mad mixed emotions right now
  4. undiscorded


    hi welcome to the forums hope you have i great time and make loads of new friends here
  5. undiscorded

    Pony Totem

    your welcome its amazing
  6. undiscorded

    Skype/Discord/PSN/XBL/etc Exchange Masterthread

    hiya every pony if you would like to chat pm me for Skype details
  7. undiscorded

    Pony Totem

    OMG OMG OMG i like your art stile
  8. undiscorded

    Do you have a special somepony?

    no i don't have a special some pony honestly i wish i did. but that's life for u
  9. undiscorded

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    here is a more recent picture of me damn i need a shave.
  10. undiscorded

    How many hours do you sleep per night?

    i get very little sleep at night 4 mabie 5 hours if i am lucky
  11. undiscorded

    Local legends?

    i am from Ireland were i come from there is loads of legends and folklore actually to many to list off but ill do one or two Banshee most known one
  12. undiscorded

    Visual Art Dreams

    wow id love to see more of your art work its great
  13. undiscorded

    Visual Art Dreams

    wow i like the drawing very well done may i ask did it take you long to do ? just wondering because of the shading and the detailing work
  14. undiscorded

    Looking for Gaming Buddies!

    if you ever want to play roblox or dungeon defenders 2 pm me
  15. awh your dog is so cute plus i like your mlp figure