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  1. im claiming disability for a few things but it gets boring sitting around on my flank doing nothing. i wish i had something to do
  2. anypomy suggest any good rock music

    1. FlitterFlutter


      I like cage the elephant, I also like Evanescence, also My chemical Romance.

  3. i am having mad mixed emotions right now
  4. anypony want to chat

  5. undiscorded


    hi welcome to the forums hope you have i great time and make loads of new friends here
  6. its ben to long im happy to be back here

  7. anypony wanna skype

  8. anypony wanna chat super bord XD

    1. Red Riot

      Red Riot

      I would but I'm boring

  9. your welcome its amazing
  10. hiya every pony if you would like to chat pm me for Skype details
  11. OMG OMG OMG i like your art stile
  12. no i don't have a special some pony honestly i wish i did. but that's life for u
  13. here is a more recent picture of me damn i need a shave.