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About Me

Hey, what's happening, peeps.

Let me start with an introduction. My name is Chris.




(Yes, I copied this off of Google Translate. I ain't no damn weeaboo.)



I wouldn't exactly call myself a brony; I've been falling out of the show little by little over the last couple of years. I do, however, like this community, with how diverse the conversations get here. Luckily, I am very diverse. I am:

- A Duelist (Yu-Gi-Oh! Player)

-A Magic: the Gathering player

-An avid fan of fighting games (from Street Fighter, to BlazBlue, to Dead or Alive)

-Pokemon Trainer (you can ask for advice for teams from me if you need to!)

-Monster Hunter! I'm G-Rank (Bronze permit, I think).

-Smash player (Current Mains: Lucina and Greninja)

-Oh, I almost forgot - Force of Will player (Imagine Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic combined, with Alice in Wonderland as the protagonist.)


I'm not very popular here, since sadly, I don't always have the happiest of attitudes. However, I can make a pretty amazing friend, if you give me the chance. So if you like, do feel free to message me, if any of those things above interest you, or if you'd just like to say hi. ^^



Rawr~ X3


(Note that this profile is not done yet. Once I get a little more popular, I'll try to make this page a little more marketable.)