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  1. Zeal Crown

    Finding your next best friend

    Might as well try this again, as my conversations had seemed to end. Name: Zeal Crown. (Cherry) Age: 17. Gender: Female. Country: America. Likes: History, Hearthstone, and fireworks. Dislikes: Mean people. Hobbies: Drawing, vectoring, and Hearthstone laddering. Other Info: Sometimes I'm slow to respond back, so don't take it as an offense.
  2. I love playing tank characters, like warriors or heavies! It's fun to create a mindless character that thinks with their fist, and it's even more fun to have other characters try to knock sense into their thick skulls. Most of the time, my tank characters also seem to be a sort of viking origin with fiery axes and the sort. Gameplay, it's also just fun to charge ahead and force the other weaker teammates to try to keep up and buff me. Pretty soon, they have no choice but to follow my terrible plans for the sake of their survival. Tank characters are the best!
  3. Zeal Crown

    Questions for Transgenders.

    Some people may have mentioned some of these already, but just to be sure, I'll say them myself. Before I start answering questions, I'd like to address a few things with how you wrote your questions. Firstly, try to avoid saying things like "transgenders." It sounds much more polite to say transgender people. (Or just trans people if you're cool. ) Secondly, you must know that we aren't necessarily "changing genders" but more of realizing we aren't the genders we're assigned with and changing our bodies to match that. A trans individual is the gender they tell you, despite being pre or post. Now that that's covered, I'll happily answer. 1. Do you get treated differently by others since you changed genders? I don't know if you're meaning coming out of the closet, or making the full transition, but as you'll probably be told a lot, the process of the transition doesn't happen overnight. It's a long and painful process that takes years. I started my physical transition in, probably, April or May. Since then, I have been treated drastically differently by everyone. My friends have been nothing less then supportive, but I have come across a few transphobes in my times. As a trans person, I just remember that they are not important to my life and naturally move on with my own life. 2. Have you ever regretted your choice? After some tough times, I have had thoughts of regretting the start of my transition, but I always know that this is what I truly want. I sometimes get thoughts of living an easier life in the closet, but I know that I would be incredibly unhappy to do that. 3. Has there been any drastic lifestyle changes for you once you swapped genders? Honestly, my life hasn't changed all that much. It may be different for some people, but I still do about the same thing. I go to school, hang out with my friends, and just do the normal teenage stuff. What has changed though, is my P.E. credit. My principle and I have made a compromise so that I won't have to gain my P.E. credit through a gym class, so that I don't have to share a changing room. 4. How is your romantic life? Do you find it hard to date? My romantic life has actually and probably had the most drastic change. I'll occasionally get crushes, but then I remember, in this age of society, people still do not want to date anyone that is trans. Either for not being able to have sex, or just them not being able to fathom the idea of real trans people, my crushes have always been crushed by transphobic thoughts like these. At the same time though, I'm pretty thankful for this. When I actually get into a real relationship, I'll know that the person will look passed me being trans and love me for who I truly am. 5. What was it like during your first few days of conversion? The first few days out of the closet were scary, but I'll never be able to thank my friends enough for standing up for me when I was having to tell everyone. The first days on my physical transition though, they were gross. Blood draws and drugs that made me feel sick were common, and I was miserable. It's the honest answer, but everyone gets passed it. 6. What was the biggest positive and negative for you? The biggest positive for me was that I was able to express who I truly was instead of having to be expected to do all the boyish things that I never liked. The biggest negative is, honestly, just the thought internally that I won't be able to birth kids. Not being able to do normal girl things like having periods and such just makes me feel fake. When I really get sad from these thoughts, I usually just talk to my friends about it and eat ice cream. They always make me feel better. 7. How and or, when did you know that swapping your gender was the right choice to make? For as long as I can remember, I always felt out of place hanging out with my boy friends, and feeling much more in-place with my girl friends. It wasn't until about 2 years ago that I was actually exposed to the idea of someone being transgender that I found that I was trans, and ever since then, I've just always knew that this was the right path of my life. It wasn't actually difficult to know, but it was more difficult to be able to accept myself as having to be okay with myself. I hope I was able to help, and I must thank you for this too. It's always comforting to know that there's people who truly want to know these details and learn, instead of just brushing trans people off as a sickness. So again, thank you.
  4. Zeal Crown

    Who Here is Gay?

    I am a part of a (not so) rare species known as a bisexuwhale. Though I'm hoping to marry a woman in the future for the purpose of children, marrying a man would be fine too if he was willing to adopt.
  5. Zeal Crown

    What'd be the opposite of a Mary Sue?

    Firstly, the fact that your character still is the most powerful human on the planet is still leaning towards Mary Sue. Him not using his powers doesn't take away the fact that he still has said powers. And secondly, if you're looking for character critique (even pertaining to Mary Sues) this isn't the thread for it. Though I'll compliment you on the concept, just tweak it a bit.
  6. Zeal Crown

    What'd be the opposite of a Mary Sue?

    After reading all the responses of this thread, I think it's safe to say that it really doesn't matter what the opposite is, unless you are trying really hard to make an opposite. (for some reason) Of course, the opposite of an overpowered and nothing-wrong character would probably be a weak and easily beat up character, or a bland, boring, nothing character. What's important for creating characters isn't creating a non-Mary Sue character, but, like I said, a good character. If your goal is to create an opposite to a Mary Sue, you're creating characters wrong. It's easy to avoid a non-Mary Sue, but you can't just create an opposite. Though if your question was then yes, it can be taken too far, and yes, it does grate on the audience. No one wants to root for a boring and nothing character. But like I said, as long as you're not creating a character who is an opposite of a Mary Sue, then you shouldn't have to worry about this. Though the bit about Deadpool, I wouldn't be able to say. I'm not all too sure what his character is like.
  7. Zeal Crown

    What'd be the opposite of a Mary Sue?

    The opposite of a Mary Sue? A good character. Sorry, but there's not much more to that. At least in my opinion.
  8. Zeal Crown

    Gaming Is Pokemon Go dying?

    Pokemon Go is by no means dying, but it may just not be as popular as when it had first launched. The game hit it's big moment around the first time it launched, but now it's been played before. That said though, I'd still say the game is incredibly popular!
  9. Zeal Crown

    Do you miss the Golden Oaks Library?

    The Golden Oaks Library was so much cozier and roomy. The castle feels like if you moved into a giant mansion where you couldn't even yell to reach the other side. It's great to have big things, but ultimately, it's useless. Heck, we barely ever see book Twilight anymore. Remember when she was a librarian and not a princess? I don't want to say it...but... *sigh* good times.
  10. Dating a trans person is like dating a brown-eyed person. It literally has no effect on the relationship, and I'd love them no matter what.
  11. Zeal Crown

    In desperate need of a new YouTube username!

    If I remember to, I'll think up more tomorrow. I'm far too tired to think of anymore.
  12. Zeal Crown

    In desperate need of a new YouTube username!

    Snaper Simbam Shillny Sabgard Shawail Sharkna Scemzo And Snarlmark has no results at all. Just kind of random suggestions. You said made-up words after all.
  13. Zeal Crown

    [Rap Addition] Luna Jax's Forgive Me

    I'm no song critic, but I think you did great! I agree with what Kozmos said, but I couldn't notice it all that much unless I listened for the such. I hope you continue to do similar things, I'm excited to hear more! <3
  14. Maybe she prefers that Asian style bow thing with the hands and such. If so, that would be totally awesome!
  15. Zeal Crown

    Pony Totem

    I agree, it would make more sense for the earth to be on the bottom, though it doesn't take away all that much from the image. That attention to detail is really nice, and now that I'm noticing the four heads representing the races, I really am finding myself falling in love with it. If you were going for a concept art style, I could find that to excuse it not being straight.