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  1. Doesn't matter, if it's a fighter you like then it's okay.
  2. Kinda reminds of Roy Jones Jr and his taunting . https://youtu.be/Bh4ZA7_2pk8?t=15m59s
  3. Just curious to see what everyone's favorite boxer/mma fighter. In terms of boxing my favorite is Ron Lyle, an underrated heavyweight slugger who was feared by many during the 1970's I don't watch UFC or Bellator.
  4. If there's alcohol in it, I'll drink it. But only in moderation, I mostly drink whiskey and beer but only on the weekends or at parties. My two favorite drinks of all time.
  5. Buzzfeed Recently an alt-right journalist and tech editor of Brietbart, one named Milo Yiannopoulos, had his Twitter account permanently suspended off Twitter during a conflict with actress Leslie Jones. This isn't the first time Milo has been banned from Twitter as he did back in June, but they reinstated his account a couple days later. Milo is known for his inflammatory behavior on Twitter, which in certain tweets they would go beyond just breaking a couple rules on Twitter. Now there's a lot of info about what happened between Mr. Milo and Ms. Jones, but there's a really good video about the situation made by Paul Joseph Watson who can explain it better than I can. Now the argument being made now about the current status of twitter is free speech and who are they really targeting. I find it funny how certain groups of people are able to say obscene things on the same level if not worse than Milo, yet Twitter does nothing about it. Why is that? I would compare this to another incident of criticizing someone on the internet, only to end up having your account taken down. But this time it isn't someone, it was company. A youtuber called InfiniteElgintensity (Elgin Mones) who's known for "critiquing and trolling "bro scientists" ("Exercises in Futility") and ego lifters ("Gym Idiots") to raise awareness about bullshit in the fitness industry.", (excerpt from his about page). He had his entire youtube channel shutdown for criticizing the fitness regimen Crossfit for it's poor form, bizarre exercises, etc. 2 years ago, many of his videos had received copyright strikes from Crossfit on his account in a attempt to silence Elgin, which ultimately led do the shut down of his channel. Ever since then Elgin has his account back up and running again, and contiunes to poke fun and rustle the jimmies of egolifters and Crossfitters. First Source Second Source Elgin's Channel Was it something he said? Whether or not you find Elgintensity's type of humor genuinely funny or offensive, or Milo's obscene behavior and antics abusive, mean-spirited, cruel, etc. What is your take on this folks? Was twitter in the right to permanently suspend Milo from Twitter, while others are able to pull of the same thing but haven't had the banhammer been brought upon them.
  6. I don't think bicycling or doing 6-10 minutes of HIIT are going to injure you. I do cardio on rest days for health reasons and not wanting to hinder my gains. But I will agree that youtube celebrities making anecdotal claims about building muscle know nothing about building muscle or being fit. This is why many people are getting injured in the gym, there's too much egolifitng, poor diets, poor form, and no cardio for heart health. They're trying to mimic what they see online yet have no clue what they're doing is wrong.
  7. Despite him being vegan he's argument is valid and is one I hold to my program.
  8. I go to the gym four or five times a week depending on my time/mood. I've been doing a mix of powerlifitng, calisthenics, and weightlifting and it's been going good. On rest days I would do some form of Cardio, like bicycling or HIIT etc., and I mainly do exercises at night. I would post my program that I made but I'm pretty sure nobody really cares.
  9. I love you all, Happy Independence Day.

  10. I couldn't agree more with you. Losing a couple pence for independence is I price I would pay for freedom. Especially being free from corrupt politicians fucking with GREAT motherfucking Britain. EU must be dissolved for the sake of all countries in Europe.
  11. The current meme regarding the victory of the UK.
  12. I'm glad my fellow British brothers and sisters have left the EU. But I would like to know what are your thoughts, I know there is a couple british bronies on this website. No heated arguements please.
  13. I know I'm very late to post but I heard about Ali's death when news was released. What is there to say? He was a great boxer, civil rights activist, entertainer, and was inspiration to many. "I won't miss boxing, boxing will miss me." RIP Ali.
  14. I love a good workout, makes me happy and alive. Calisthenics, Weightlifting, HIIT, and Powerlifting are my favorite exercise variants.