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  1. Well this is pretty old. I actually can't remember exactly which overseas friend past me was talking about. November of 2019 would be when I'd just come *back* from Korea the first time, and at that point there were actually 2 overseas friends that were supportive and a little shy and that I shared deep shit with. One of them ended up becoming my girlfriend, while the other I barely talk to anymore (nothing bad happened, just kinda drifted apart). But, if I had to say who my favorite woman was, it'd be my significant other, my best friend, and the person who's helped me the most in life,
  2. I'm in the business of misery, let's take it from the top

  3. How old is this forum banner lol

  4. When you look back on your past self and cringe horribly, it means that you've grown. If you can't, that means you haven't. 

    (It's theodd1sout btw)


  5. I don't usually agree with Lily Peet but she was 100% right when she said that they'd would rather cover up drama than deal with issues. Snowflakes, the lot of them.

  6. Hey Lucky! Just checking in, hope all is going well. 

  7. Listening to music from 2012 makes me wish for a time when Corona was beer and TikTok was a song

  8. The only terrifying thing today is the length of my work shift. >_>

  9. It's almost S P O O P Y holiday. Get you some candy to enjoy and share if you ain't already.

    1. EpicEnergy


      I like the spoopy holiday! :eager:

  10. One of my biggest peeves is when people make characters that are supposed to be ethnically Japanese but give them horrible "names", either with words that just "sound vaguely Asian" or are literal words chopped up into names.

    My least favorite example is Asu Rito, a character from the ponsi scheme indie game Yandere Simulator, whose name is literally "Athlete" with an accent.

  11. Woke up today and I feel so F R E S H

  12. And God said, "Behold, your days are numbered." But before he could reply, God added, "SIKE, that's the wrong number!"
  13. When I get sick, I tend to get better.
  14. See, everyone says "oh I wish girls would be more modest" to save face, we all know what your search histories look like. Liars, all of you.
  15. This topic is pointless. Just look at the person's rank, durr.
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