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    Live in the present, not the past nor the future, concentrate on where you are presently. And everything will fall in place before you know it.
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About Me

So, what about me? I'll make it simple by giving facts about me, so it is easier to learn about me in a quick simple way! :


- English is not my primary language, French is. Yet I can communicate without much difficulty, and smoothly, either it is by writting or speaking in English. (I do make mistakes when communicating in EN, but rarely happens.)


- Brony veteran here, I joined the fandom back in 2011. (But never joined a forum or anything because I was kind of shy back then. Now more social since then)


- In the brony scale, I am part of the spectator, simply enjoying the show and the community's content.


- Video games are my passion and my alternative realms / realities. I enjoy as well the life that I have right now.


- I LOVE playing online games, or games that can be both played solo and online. AND RPGs and sandboxes are my favorite types.


- I'm a big fan of BLIZZARD's games.


- I don't like much MOBA games, such as League of Legends, DOTA 1 / DOTA 2 and Heroes of the storm.


- I currently am studying in the 3D graphical domain, animation, modeling, lighting, FX, etc. and I love it so far.


- Due to the previous fact, I might start making little 3D fan art, about MLP stuff and participate a little in the artistic community.


- I love music, like everyone else in general. I mainly listen to games or shows soundtracks, techno / electro / chillstep, medieval-like music, accoustic guitar covers, and a little of punk rock. I do listen other things, I like to try a bit of everything, but I stick to those that I previously named.


- I really do enjoy socializing with random people (enjoying the same things as me of course, for exemple; MLP), but I also like to spend some time alone.


- I am a very open minded, non-judgeful, calm and dreamy person. I think about philosophical things constantly, automatically. It doesn't exhaust me, like it's as natural and instinctive thing going on in my mind.


- I was 13 to 14 years old when I joined the fandom.


- I have 5 pony figurines. But I wish I could have a plushie of woona.


- I can play guitar. ...yay.


- I can play Ocarina. ...woot.


- Fall and winter puts me in a state of bliss. They're my favorite seasons.


- I hate November. (I don't really know why, I find it boring compared to any other months.)


- I like role-playing sometimes, but only when I feel like it.


- I'm a cool and fun guy to be around with. Well at least that's what most of the people I meet thinks. I consider myself as a good human.


- I like apples and grapes. And mountain dew.


- I like fanfics (good ones).