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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. *boops your nose and hides* Hehe <3

  3. Can you look at this wall? *pushes your face to the ruber wall*
  4. Jonstal smiles at Cryatha resting next to her after the battle. While looking at the scenery a notification pops up Side Quest Completed then new side quests pops up. Jonstal wanting to do them for the exp and gold but doesn't and stays with Cryatha. “The scenery is really beautiful huh hun?” Jonstal smiling at Cryatha, holding her close, relaxing and waiting till his HP gauge fills up. Enjoying the moment with Cryatha, he asked, “So how long do you think it will take us to find the boss room and actually be strong enough to beat him?” excited to find the boss room and beat him already.
  5. Jon look at Cryatha with a excited smile. He noticed a lot of players starting to appear. They started heading out to the field to farm for some exp while also admiring the graphics. As they head out he thought to himself where could the boss room be located. He thinks that it should be somewhere in the middle or at the far back area. While he has that in mind he asks Cryatha “Have any idea where the boss room might be at?” Right after they got of town a bunch of boars charged at them. Jon suddenly draws his swords and try to Aggro them so Cryatha can get them from behind.
  6. While Jon browses around the shop he notices the side quests. “These Side-Quests seems easy enough already doing two” talking to himself. As He looks around purchasing new armour and weapons completing the side quests. He gains a fair amount of exp. and gold from these quest. Thinking he should head to the field out front to do the Quest: “Beginners Luck” after he meets up with Cryatha. “Where is she i thought she would be here by now” while scratching his head and looking at some weapons. As Cryatha jumps and surprises him, he gets scared and jumps a little himself. As he turns around to look who did that he notices the voice and screams in excitement “Hey, hun. You scared me.” Already having bought a new Bronzes Sword one handed sword as his secondary weapon for his right hand. Also with some new steel armour chest piece that boost his reaction time and his speed.
  7. Happy Birthday :) :) I hope you have a great day :D :D

  8. Opening his eyes in excitement, Jon rushes out to the Town of Beginning killing any hostile mobs in his way. He sees something on the corner of his eyes it says “Main Objective: Head to The Town of Beginning”. He smiles knowing he's already heading there to get new gear for himself. Before reaching the Town of Beginning Jon wonders where is Cry right now but he shakes his head while taking a small amount of damage from a boar. “Focus on the task at hand before I die here and have to restart from the beginning.” Fights off couple of the boars at the entrance of the town and rushes inside, hoping to meet her somewhere around the shopping district.
  9. After a long day at college Jon started heading home having my headset on. It usually doesn't take him a long time too get home from the college campus it’s usually take like a 10-15min walk. As Jon approach the door steps he wonders what’s Cry doing right now. Jon wonders if she's already on or waiting for him to get on. So before he steps into the house he calls her but no one answered.So Jon left a mesage for her. “Hey hun im just got home. i'm gonna head right into SAO. if you want to meet head to “The Town Of Beginning”. I’m heading there to shop for some new armor and weapons.” Jon heads into the house and gets things ready for him to jump into SAO. Right before he puts on his nerve gear he receives a text from Cry. Jons smiles like an idiot before he says in excitement “Link Start!”
  10. Here's my OC REAL LIFE INFORMATION *Name (First name is fine):Jon *Age: 20 *Gender: Male *Personality: Happy, upbeat, really helpful and friendly. Willing to help anyone. Outgoing most of the time. Tries not to be shy most of the time. A person you don't want to see mad. *Appearance: 5'7, dark brown hair, short comb over style but never styled unless needed to be for a special occasion.On his left ring finger he wears a promise ring and on his left wrist a leather bracelet with “Cry” engraved on it besides with a small heart. SWORD ART ONLINE INFORMATION *Screen Name: Jonstal Guild: Currently not in one. *Armor: Steel chest piece over a black shirt. Wears a black and red coat over them with black jeans also with black steel toed shoes. Left ring finger has a silver ring to signify in-game marriage with Cryatha. WEAPONS *Main Hand:Queen’s Knightsword Other Hand (if applicable, such as dual-wielder or equipped a shield):Bronze Sword, Sword Breaker, a projectile weapon or a shield depending on the quest. Skills: Dual-wielding, Picking, Blade throwing Other Skills (can simple as one word or as specific if desired): Fishing, Musical instrument
  11. Hello there! I have a question about your avatar, if you don't mind. c:

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    2. Combine Slodier

      Combine Slodier

      Where did you find it? (assuming you didn't make it, apologies if you did. >.>') The OC looks a lot like mine and I wanna find the artist's name.

    3. Mastermind


      Venomous made the avatar, if you were curious. That user is around the forums.

    4. Combine Slodier

      Combine Slodier

      I've seen Venomous a lot before. c: Thank you!