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  1. Kind of wonder if I should take up making signatures and avatars again?

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    2. Nico


      Well, a long time ago I just did it so much that I lost my drive. But browsing through my old request thread, I see that a lot of people still use the signatures that I made for them 2 years ago, and it's kind of nice. I'm thinking of doing it again.

    3. Azura


      If you've got time to do so, I don't see why not. :)

    4. Nico


      I've got less free time to do it these days than ever, but it's not like I don't ever have downtime. It's just kind of easy to get burnt out on them if you do too many, but it's really fun and it's gratifying when people like something you make, too.

  2. I kind of find it hard to believe how much this place has changed since I first joined.

    1. Kyoshi


      For me, it has gone downhill considerably...

  3. Bloody hard to get a status noticed on this place.

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    2. Nico


      Apply the same principles to driving. "When somepony is going slow, push them how fast YOU want to go!" Totally legal!

    3. Nico


      Anywho, I've got to get some sleep now. Got work in the morning. Good talking to you. :D

    4. Dormant Phyrosite
  4. Hello everyone! How's your day today?

  5. So, how is everypony's day?

    1. Malinter


      rather nice so far. :)

  6. Nico

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    Ermagherd I love this floor.
  7. It's actually possible for Siegmeyer to have a happy ending with his daughter still alive, though it is quite difficult. If you follow his quest and story through to the end and find him in Lost Izalith, follow him down into the pit to battle the 4 tentacle beasts and if he makes it out of there without losing more than what is I believe 20% of his health he and his daughter will both survive in the end. Don't do what I did and accidentally plunge attack him in a misguided attempt to save him. More Dark Souls Moments: As for other games, there is of course the Walking Dead Seaso
  8. Well, I don't have an MP3 player, and I don't actually put music on my devices anymore. I just use Spotify, so I'll just shuffle my primary playlist on it. It's got 209 tracks as of this post, so I think that's sufficient for this. 1.) Cooler than Me - Mike Posner (7/10) 2.) Lights - Ellie Goulding (8/10) 3.) Untouched - Veronicas (7/10) 4.) Pocketful of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield (9/10) Yes, I love this song. Deal with it. 5.) Bad Romance - Halestorm [Cover] (7.5/10) Hey, got a good few songs that I thought were pretty good! There are certainly a few songs on this playlist t
  9. I don't think anything particular about girl gamers on the whole. However, I do enjoy the fact that my girlfriend plays video games because it opens a new facet of interest for us to share, as well as another activity we can do together. The fact that she's not as good as me doesn't bother me, and I don't attribute that to the fact that she's a girl anyway, but rather that I just play more. Either way, due to the common ground we share since she plays games, I like that she's a 'girl gamer', and nothing is more hilarious than watching her play Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and calling every lit
  10. Wow. Almost impossible for people to see status updates with all the members nowadays.

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    2. That One Techpriest You Used To Know
    3. Nico


      Oh, wow, hey Doctor. Long time no see, didn't expect someone I knew to reply to this.

    4. Malinter
  11. Yep. This is definitely some kind of pony forum all right.

  12. What's this? Some kind of pony forum?

    1. duidamasterXD


      You could call it that

    2. Harmonic Revelations
    3. Nico


      It's strange. It all feels oddly familiar to me...

  13. I wish I didn't feel this way, but I hate my goddamned roommate.

  14. Eventful day. Girlfriend met the parents, found out some more info on her medical situation (though not important info, really), and had a bit of an interesting reading experience just a few moments ago.

  15. Someone anonymously donated $150 to my girlfriend's cause. How very kind. Thank you, anonymous individual. :)

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    2. Plasmastorm X-15

      Plasmastorm X-15

      I'm on my brother's PS3.

    3. Plasmastorm X-15

      Plasmastorm X-15

      What kind and for what?

    4. Nico


      She's needing surgery for something she has called an Ovarian Cyst to remove it.

  16. It's a billion degrees in the house and there's lots of stress surrounding my girlfriend's condition. So what's the best thing to do to relax? Just cuddle with her. The most relaxed I've been all week.

  17. Son of a... Her doctor's appointment is having to be rescheduled, so now I have no idea how long it'll be before we know anything!

  18. Nico

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Well, I haven't shown my ugly mug around here in, what's that, about a year now? I suppose a couple new pictures wouldn't hurt. I'm not too awful fond of this picture, really, but it's the only one I really have that where I'm actually wearing my glasses, since I only wear them when I'm not at home staring at screens all day. I find this one to be much better, since I'm actually smiling and such. Me and my girlfriend Andrea all cuddled up, so why wouldn't I be grinning? :3
  19. Nothing quite like listening to Stand-Up Comedians while I work to take my mind off things, apparently.

  20. This stress is unbearable.

    1. Vicke


      What stress? Whats up?

    2. Nico


      Stuff with my girlfriend and her health. Just look at this to get the rundown since I'm on my phone: http://nicolai-b.deviantart.com/journal/Surgery-Fund-369828168

    3. Vicke


      That fucking sucks :/


      Good luck with it!

  21. If you can help here, it would be greatly appreciated. http://nicolai-b.deviantart.com/journal/Surgery-Fund-369828168

  22. Donations to this would be welcome and greatly thanked: http://nicolai-b.deviantart.com/journal/Surgery-Fund-369828168

  23. Disregard women, acquire Company of Heroes 2.

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    2. Nico


      Would have been more excellent, had it not been for the beta closing down right after I got it.

    3. NewCalamity


      Ah, it closed? Damn. Haven't played it in a week or so. Thankfully I got my fill of it. x)

    4. Nico


      They'll be re-opening it for the Open Beta here before too long, though. :3

  24. Had a very successful date lasting from 6pm to 5am. Lots of cuddling was involved, so I am a happy Nico. ^^

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