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  1. What would be the one thing you could change for MLP? Me, I'd probably give Vinyl Scratch (DJP0n3) an actual voice actor not like the voices in those MLP parody videos like "I am Octavia" and videos like that
  2. A little something I requestesd for @Mesme Rize cause there's never enough art of him. I hope you like it.


    Art (c) TheBlingDShizz on DA

    Alicorn Red Star & Mesme Rize ~ Moar Coils.png

    1. RedStar2017


      And yeah, if y'all are wondering that's Red coiled up & hypnotized

  3. Ah I wouldn't wanna compete Anywho, update! THe user that made the original art goes by "reptilescales33" on Furaffinity I just added in the red details.
  4. Kaa just wanted too give Dashie a nice coily hug
  5. Now wonder AJ is such a "silly" pony
  6. It was a blank base, I'll find it and link it back here
  7. Just figured I'd show off what my pony OC would look at as a snake pony. Be careful around Red, his powerful hypnosis (along with many forms of it mind y'all) and comfortable coils might leave you in a nice comfortable state of bliss Art belongs to it's original owner, I just added the details Red Star is mine
  8. Not gonna go into much detail, but on a scale of 1-10, how do you like Season 7 so far?
  9. Well... I feel that I should let you guys know. I lost my grandmother a few weeks ago back in may. I never knew until my mom told me... and now she's gone :(


    R.I.P. my grandmother: Helen Pauline Kartanowicz. I love and will miss you so very much, and I know that you and my other grandparents will be watching

    1. GrimGrimoire


      I am truly sorry to hear it. My heart goes out for your loss. :(

    2. RedStar2017


      Thanks that means alot

  10. WOW it's been SO LONG guys! Wanted to take a little break from the Bronies for a bit cause I've been going through alot lately. I've just found out that a friend that I knew that I went to school with back when I still lived in New York has passed away, I'll miss her so much, but I know she'll be watching

  11. If anyone has listened to or heard any of the songs online. What's your favorite(s)? Mine are as followed: Livin' La Vida Loca ~ Kidz Bop 1 I Want It That Way ~ Kidz Bop 1 Uptown Funk ~ Kidz Bop 28 Shake It Up ~ Kidz Bop 27 Let It Go ~ Kidz Bop 27 That's all for me, what are your faves from Kidz Bop so far?
  12. Did a little number on my finget at work yesterday... ouch. I'm okay just a ittle scratch nothing too serious