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  1. - Edit due to being embarrassing -I don't know if those count, but they were all extremely embarrassing for me. >.< - Edit due to being embarrassing -
  2. 1. Do you guys like my art/drawings? No. 2. Do you have a favorite? / Least Favorite? If you want my honest opinion, I love them all and I don't have a least favourite. 3. Comments? Critiques? Where could I improve..? You could improve the amount of art you do. That's my only complaint. I. Want. More. 4. Should I continue drawing? (Your support motivates me.) Did I mention yes?x
  3. Tough decision, but I would have to go with; Or But really I don't know~ >.<
  4. "Dreamt" is the only English word that ends in the letters mt" "TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be made using the letters only on one row of the keyboard". The worlds youngest mother was only Five years, seven months and 17 days old. This thread is very interesting!x
  5. Aw!x Trust me huns, you are better off without using them~ And what Shank said should show you it isn't the right way to go~
  6. However, I think it is a needed truth. Men only tend to see us at our bests, because that is when we let them. Enhancing your breast size is like wearing makeup. (Not referring to the bronzer/couture tanning trick), but we like to enhance our features to making them more appealing to others or sometimes just for ourselves to feel good. True Story; When I was first with my ex boyfriend, I used to always wake before him so I could get ready and look perfect for him in the mornings. It's such a cliche thing for females to do, and I am ashamed to say that I too used to do so. It was only when
  7. Love Hearts

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for looking like Ashton Kutcher!
  8. Love Hearts

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Is it only me or.. Shankveld, Lola, anyone back me up?~ Great vlogs and pictures everyone!x
  9. Below us in my panties~
  11. Update to my list!x Fghik, Princess GLaDOS, Little Miss Fluttershy, Devin McCourty, Dragonshy, Hollowshield, deaglePower, €ℨƴηℯłℓ Chigens, This Day Aria, Lady Rarity Pony, Don Caponee, TagTeamCast, Princess Cadance, King of Magikarps, Derpy Mooves, Berryzoid, Rochambo, AceCord, I'm sorry that I don't know some of you as well as to write descriptions on all, but the point of this list is people that I would love to get to know more!x And for all of those that haven't been mentioned, please
  12. Love Hearts

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for making me lose the game then telling lies about it!
  13. You say thanks like you are him, but your name states you are Nevermore! Change back!x
  14. We share the same menstrual cycle days.
  15. Love Hearts

    Near Kisses

    As for near kisses, I don't recall ever having one like that. I've had awkward kisses before (especially my first kiss where the boy couldn't kiss to save his life, and I probably wasn't all that great then either), normal and intimate kisses, but none a near miss ones. Actually, I have turned my head away from a kiss before, does this count...? I will say, though, that I agree it is about confidence, and also about timing. Having too much confidence with it can be bad, too, though. Because you might find the girl/guy will turn away if you do so abruptly and out of nowhere. It has to b
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