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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Love You two! :squee:


  4. ambivert, unable to talk to folks unless prompted but when I am prompted I'm able to chat with em for a bit.
  5. I'm so popular that I hate the amount of fanmail I get
  6. Not really, in competitive games I usually laugh it off and in single players I just decide that I've done something wrong, or laugh my ass off from bugs that cause my death
  7. Saw 9 (the 2009 film) and it was pretty great, a short feature length film that uses that time well.
  8. Ehhhh, looks way too big, and would end up consuming too much space for potential 1 sentence posts, and since this website probably doesn't get as much traffic as it used to, 500kb is going to be a lot of space consumed by avatars.
  9. Got Autism myself, but the effects it's had on me have sort of died over the years, the most you'll see me doing that's autistic like would be pacing and misunderstanding jokes, but it was very severe when I was young, used to be a mute and such.
  10. The super mutants from the first fallout are so interesting, maybe not the best in terms of morals (hell in the first game the master intended to make the human race extinct by castrating them) and whilst he may have not had much screen time, The Master is on the best villains because he's given so much character in the few moments you have with him, and the addition of character in the sequels, except 3 and 4 who just made them into orcs instead of super strong/intelligent humans
  11. pic is from Endless Legend is a good game if you like civ stuff. (ignore me, since I'm not adding much)