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  1. Welcome fellow Pony Artist! Your illustrations look great I look forward to seeing more from you
  2. Season 5 re watch! I love lonely all nighters ^^

  3. Your art style has got to be the cutest darn thing I've ever seen. c:

    1. Noonenew12


      Wow thankyou so much ^^ I could always draw you something if you like :D

    2. Nervous Stitch

      Nervous Stitch

      Oh, no! I feel awful having others do art for me if I can't do something in return. I'm happy just oogling your request shop. So so so cute.

  4. ... lurk, lurk, lurk... *leaves you an AJ plushie* ... lurk, lurk, lurk...

  5. Sounds great, just let me know when your free
  6. Spike is everything great in one So a dragon, a dog, a pony, popcorn, finding pocket change, sunshine and free cake. Thank you kindly Thank you, I seems to be a running style with my work lately
  7. Line variation is adding different width to a single like, like these examples below: It kind of makes an illustration look less "flat", if that makes sense. I would love to see the final post! Keep me updated and I would be more than happy to offer more advice
  8. Banned for making me read more than 10 words
  9. That's a fantastic idea XD I'll definitely be suggestion this to my D&D group!
  10. Great costume. Quick question, do you can many people recognise your costumes? I've never know if it's worth it to go to non MLP conventions in a MLP cosplay.
  11. DAYUM! That's some fine work! Love the low poly look too, the designer in my in cheering with tears in their eyes
  12. I'm not a crossplayer myself, but wanted to say to you (and other crossplayer that will flood this post) I have mad respect for you guys! I feel uncomfortable in my armour when I'm a bit bloated, but for you guys to go to conventions and rock the confedence to say "This is who I am, see me for who I am" is amazing. Rock on!
  13. Nice to finally see AJ in a good light on this forum You got the expression bang on (which in my eyes in crazy difficult to execute) I would say maybe think of a way to make it your own. It's great that your able to copy the style of the MLP series, but what makes LMP art is when people add their own style to it. Would be fantastic to see something like that form you Great work
  14. I am a sucker for a good Hope poster parody Maybe the next step could be getting some shading in there. If you really look close to the poster, they have these shade lines: Would be interesting to see this used in the picture. But even if you don't, still a great quality piece of work, well done
  15. It's a great character. It would be interesting to get some line variation on it, something to break the long static lines on the legs and flank. Getting some shading on the character will also bring it out and really give it that something extra