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  1. Parody thingamajig? "Do i look like i have interest in children?... Well, making them is another story"
  2. Ray nodded in agreement, as he began tp conduct even more electricity through his cheeks, making the light it was producing a tad stronger. "This is the most light i can make with my electricity, is it good enough?" Ray said, struggling to maintain that eletrical current that was chattering all iver the place
  3. Ray shook his head in a sign of denial "Nope, i'vr been trying to find it for the last 10 minutes. This is place is like a gigantic maze of long hallways. And being able to see a damn doesn't help as much as i thought" Ray said, still in that cheerful tone, as he put his left, upper paw to his chin. Still maintaing that eletrical current
  4. As Ray was dashing through the facilty, he passed through 2 Pokémon standing next to each other, he stopped next to them, due to the speed he was running he slided a bit. He cracked a big smile and looked at them "Howdy!" He said in a very cheerful tone. "Not even left the facilitiy and you are already meeting new Pokémon, good work, Ray!" Ray thought
  5. As Ray noticed that the woman he hated so much was finally dead, he smiled a bit and backed off, making the drill dissipate into thin air. "Well, now my business here is done. Time to begin a new life and meet much more Pokémon!" Ray talked in a cheerful tone, he was just thinking out loud of course. Ray then stormed the doors of the room open, beggining to run through the faciliie, trying to find the exit,he stil mainteined the eletrical current so he could see
  6. Ray laughed a little, before getting closer to Noto "You seem like you are in a lot of suffering, so, as a individual who is NOT a horrible, heartless and downright evil, monster. I shall end ny job, and put you out of your misery" Ray said in a laidbsck tone, he then closed in on the professor and put his horn into her stomach, and letting the drill penetrate it
  7. Ray backed away for a second, laughing a bit. "So, from your vision, what am i supposed to do? Just out of curiosuty, i probally won't follow the orders of a monster" Ray said in s tone of curiosity, the eletrical current becoming more calm and quiet and as a result it didn't chatter as much
  8. ((But my Pokémon can learn those moves before level 5. At least it says so on Bulbapedia)) Ray gets closer to Noto, staring at her, you could see the anger in his eyes. "Oh, Professor. If i will become s mindless beast for killing you...........i am okay with that.........i just to get revenge on the person who made me suffer so much, before i become free" Ray realized that the Phantom Drill finished charging. "Look, my drill is charged. Any final words? Any considerstions? Like how it feels like to be killed by your own creation?" Ray begins to spin the drill rapidily
  9. Ray was hit by the canister, it hurt a little, but nothing too extreme. As Ray saw Noto charging at him, the drill wasn't ready yet, so to dodge Noto's attack and counter attack, he decided to use Phantom Force. As Ray's breathing got heavier, he vanished into thin air and got behind Noto. He then appeared and tried to hit the scientist with Twineedle
  10. Ray began breathing heavily, his anger was flowing through his body. The eletrical current chattering even more. "Oh, so you tortured and brain-washed me for my own good?! You didn't seem very distressed when you were doing it! You say you are a angel, huh?! Well, i think you are are a angel of death! And well, professor. If you are a wouldn't matter if i killed you, right? You woulf just come back o life" Ray's anger was at it's peak, the eletrical was now barely constant. As Ray finished speaking, Phantom Energy began to gather on his horn, he was preparing a Phantom Drill
  11. Ray laughed a little at the woman, before going back to staring directly at her."Thanks for the compliment, but i still think you are a fucking monster. All that time, all those year..........the things you did to me, the torture..........the brain-washing............i always hated you, i always wanted to escape, and this is my big chance............ But before i begin runninh away, why did you do all that to me?" Ray stopped holding his hips with his paws and stopped his passive-agressive tone, now he had a more serious and sad tone on his voice. The eletrical current chattering as he spoke
  12. Finally going to play through Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door...........on a emulator BUT THAT COUNTS

  13. As the lights were shut down and the force field went down, Ray charged at the glass with his horn, breaking just big enough for him to fit trough. Ray swiftly began conducting a eletrical current trough his cheeks, so could actually see a damn. He then managed to see the scientidt who supervised him, the woman who had done so much terrible things with him, the person which he hated most. "So, professor. How are you doing? Been torturing many Pokémon recently? Or have you finally accepted how much of a horrible person you are and are ashamed of it?" Ray stared down at the woman, puting his paws on his hips and talking in a passive agressive way
  14. So, are the Chimeras trapped in a cage or simiçar structure?
  15. ((Yeah, i know. It's just that in every other RP i participated in, people have the common sense to check the topic once in a while)) Falchner shrugged, getting past the BatPony, he saw Gold Dust. Falchner looked at him "That looks rather fishy" Falchner thought, as he approached him. "Hey, pal. Why are you in such a hurry? There's a solid gold thing back there. Ain't you going to try to get it?"