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    (Hey! It's me here. Kotikian. Guess what? I'm making a Sunset Shimmer day for myself. It's a day where I celebrate her! So, it is going to be in....... August, 26th Friday.
    yyaayayaayayyaayayayayayaya so all the bronies and pega sisters who love her can worship that pony on friday 26 august.)

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  1. I'm pretty good with friendship. But some of my friends can be completely stubborn. So what if I don't want to play? That doesn't mean we are not friends anymore.. ugh ;-; i have no bff. i have friends but no bff. my old bff moved. so now all my friends are just bleh.................. idk. I mean one is a book worm, one is athletic, one is happy, one is stubborn, one is goofy, one is fancy, one is speedy and I am over here like yeah me too. You see, my mom teaches dance, and some girls there who get taught by my mom (i do dance too sooo) they all go to school. And I am just sneaking out of the crew when they talk about teachers or school stuff. It really annoys me sometimes... I have no Best Friend Forever In My Life BFFIML. Just a good friend on the internet makes up for the crap real life throws at me. sorry had to rant a litttle ;-;
  2. I got a headband making kit (gotta love 'em),Green galaxy headphones, American girl doll (don't judge I just like them o.o), mini bowling set, a amazon giftcard ^^,a tree ornament, a light up ball, a lava lamp and some more.. not that much this year but whatever who cares- i'm getting too old for lots of stufffsss
  3. Going to midnight mass! Goodnight all and merry hoovesmas :)))))) <33333333333333

  4. Merry Christmas everyponyl~~ Not snowing, but we are having fun with our realitives and family :))

  5. Oh my god yes. But, where the hell is SUNSET?! ;-; These are a waist of my time if they don't have Sunset or the sirens. -.-
  6. Kotikian


    Dear Twilight, Haha! Guess what? Flash Sentry totally freaked out because you have been gone soo long, that he asked me to the Christmas Formal on Tuesday. I absolutely am over him! I THOUGHT he still hated me for what I did... I feel so guilty. I'm gonna go take a walk. See ya twili.
  7. =yawns= I want Domino's Pizza..xD

  8. It's not easy being a brony, Both my parents and my friends don't understand... They say ponies aren't for boys, That I shouldn't buy these toys, That I need to toughen up and be a man... It's not easy being a brony, but especially a brony who's a girl. The attention's all on guys- Why can no one realize that there are Pegasisters all around the world! I can't make it to the meetups- or contribute brony art- I'm straight but my family thinks I'm gay.... I'd buy shirts but I'm too cheap- I'm seeing rainbows in my sleep- And I can't pull off a Pinkie Pie cosplay! Why can't I hug Fluttershy-? 'My Little Dashie' made me cry- When will pony clothes come in my size? I don't see what all the fuss is, I just watch it for the plot! Every week, I get trolled by Tara Strong... All my feelings are conflicting over Lyra/Bon-Bon shipping! iTunes, y u no have any pony songs?! I'll always love the show I choose, despite the stories on Fox news. I'm Twilightlicious, And I love Derpy Hooves! Life can be hard for a brony, But our show's the very best you'll ever see! And the world will soon discover a great show that's like no other, Join the herd! Watch M-L-P!
  9. Kotikian


    Dear Twilight, The Secret Santa Party was amazing earlier. It was at 10:00 and stopped at like... 12:50. Oh no, I gotta go soon... okay, well one more thing, do you think Trixie is nice? she was being really rude to Fluttershy earlier over peanut butter crackers?... xD Okay twi, well I gotta go, the gang and I are gonna go sledding. We might stop by the ice cream shop (for Pinkie) so I'll talk to you later.
  10. Kotikian


    awww your cute girl
  11. I love EG, but for real guys. FIM. That's what started EG. I love FIM because it holds SOOOOOO many memories. :')
  12. 1. CHS! Umh duhhhhhh sunset's thereee!!! 2. I'd be my OC Midnight Shower, and probably hang with Lyra and Bonbon. 3. For Sunset, For being in the show (fangirl) 4. Sunset Shimmer 5. I guess I want to pony up.
  13. Kotikian


    Dear Twilight, Today has been very interesting. Pinkie Pie was putting up decorations for the Secret Santa Party that was supposed to be today, but no one decided to put the decorations up, so... we are going to put up the decor for the SSP ^ for tomorrow. I got flowers for some reason, and I think I have a secret admirer... Bye twi. I'll talk later.