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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. I remember seeing you around the forums heaps, welcome back.

  4. Happy birthday, T6!

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      Thanks Nightfall!

  5. Definitely the flag of Austria-Hungary before its dissolution for me. BTW, the reason the cross of the Hungarian crown, on the right, is bent is because, at some point in history I believe, the crown was placed in a box slightly too small for it and when the lid was closed it bent the cross. And that's how it stayed, and remains today
  6. birthday, Happy! :]

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      Thank you Eazy =)

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

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  8. Most games I own to be honest. Most annoying though is Blitzkrieg I and II - been playing them over ten years and never did finish any of the campaigns they offer, let alone the games themselves, as well as expansions. AI's too damn good.
  9. Well, good luck to you Americans. Fingers crossed that some of Trump's rather more... distasteful, remarks turn out to be either hot air or get tuned down. I don't think too much will change. As a democratic socialist I can't say I'm happy, but I wouldn't have been with Clinton either, Sanders would've been my pick had I lived there. Either way, hopefully things will stay on an even keel. Oh, and it gets rid of a major TPP backer. Hopefully that wretched thing will pack up and leave now. Thank you for that at least.
  10. 30% of New Zealand's land mass is protected in areas such as national parks. New Zealand is the furthest country in the world from the origin country of one of its official languages (English / U.K.) There are very few reptiles and just two native species of mammal in New Zealand, both of which are bats. There are actually five different types of the famous Kiwi. New Zealand has the world's only Alpine parrot, the Kakapo. They are incredibly intelligent and love to eat car window sealant for whatever reason. One Kakapo called Sirocco is famous for trying to mate with a television presenter's head, and was appointed Chief Spokesbird for Conservation by our Prime Minister. New Zealand is the only country in the world to have a government-appointed wizard. New Zealand's Minister for Labour, Steven Joyce, was famously hit in the face with a sex toy by a protester. He laughed it off, the police asked the protester to leave the venue, and she complied without any resistance. Nuclear weapons and mining of Uranium are banned in New Zealand, which caused a rift with the United States over nuclear-powered ships that has only properly been repaired in the last five years. New Zealand produces 1/3 of the world's cow milk and a significant proportion of general farm-related foods. The indigenous Maori people signed a treaty with British colonisers in 1840, the Treaty of Waitangi, to bring the semi-unified country into the British Empire. The Treaty signing is still celebrated annually, but sporadic warfare due to disagreement on terms continued almost until the 1920s. Also, literally everything is expensive here. Damned isolation can be a pain with some things.
  11. Here comes something very democratic socialist, or something like that since I have no idea what term accurately refers to this https://www.politicalcompass.org/chart?ec=-6.38&soc=-6.77
  12. I'm bisexual, so I would 100% not have any issue whether my partner was a guy, a gal, or transitioning between them. It's all about how well people get along to me. I'm currently extremely happy with my boyfriend who himself is bisexual as well - he makes me feel so special, and neither of us are going anywhere anytime soon
  13. The entire gameplay of the game is a historical fallacy, of course. The Western Front was of course nowhere near as mobile beyond the very beginnings and end of the war. And with the weapons I meant the objects themselves are largely historically accurate, their use is most definitely not historically accurate, yeah. For one thing light machine guns never got carried around by one man, as I'm sure you're well-aware - let alone something like an MG08/15 being fired from the hip as the Sentry elite class does. Or even the Tank Hunter elite class, who handles a Tankgewehr M1918 on his own, despite it weighing a solid 18.5kg.
  14. As someone studying history at university-entry level, I can say this is perfectly normal for "based around real world equivalents". All the equipment is historically accurate, and if it was historically distributed then the imbalance between the Entente/Allies and the Central Powers would be often pretty severe and unenjoyable for players, tanks are used in the Sinai and Middle Eastern maps and campaigns again for the sake of balance, and the Germans did have colonial Askari forces, even if they didn't serve in Europe. Also, the mustard gas is historically incorrect, ironically. There were no hand-thrown gas grenades in WWI, the closest thing was mortar-fired gas grenades employed by the French in 1914, which delivered such tiny quantities of the gas that they caused no fatalities and more often than not weren't even recognised by German and Austro-Hungarian troops as chemical weapons. On top of that they also contained Ethyl Bromoacetate, which is a tear gas equivalent, and so was not green or yellowish in hue. The gas in-game is either Mustard Gas or Chlorine gas, neither of which was ever delivered by means of hand grenade anyway.