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  1. Definitely the flag of Austria-Hungary before its dissolution for me. BTW, the reason the cross of the Hungarian crown, on the right, is bent is because, at some point in history I believe, the crown was placed in a box slightly too small for it and when the lid was closed it bent the cross. And that's how it stayed, and remains today
  2. Most games I own to be honest. Most annoying though is Blitzkrieg I and II - been playing them over ten years and never did finish any of the campaigns they offer, let alone the games themselves, as well as expansions. AI's too damn good.
  3. Well, good luck to you Americans. Fingers crossed that some of Trump's rather more... distasteful, remarks turn out to be either hot air or get tuned down. I don't think too much will change. As a democratic socialist I can't say I'm happy, but I wouldn't have been with Clinton either, Sanders would've been my pick had I lived there. Either way, hopefully things will stay on an even keel. Oh, and it gets rid of a major TPP backer. Hopefully that wretched thing will pack up and leave now. Thank you for that at least.
  4. 30% of New Zealand's land mass is protected in areas such as national parks. New Zealand is the furthest country in the world from the origin country of one of its official languages (English / U.K.) There are very few reptiles and just two native species of mammal in New Zealand, both of which are bats. There are actually five different types of the famous Kiwi. New Zealand has the world's only Alpine parrot, the Kakapo. They are incredibly intelligent and love to eat car window sealant for whatever reason. One Kakapo called Sirocco is famous for trying to mate with a television presenter's head, and was appointed Chief Spokesbird for Conservation by our Prime Minister. New Zealand is the only country in the world to have a government-appointed wizard. New Zealand's Minister for Labour, Steven Joyce, was famously hit in the face with a sex toy by a protester. He laughed it off, the police asked the protester to leave the venue, and she complied without any resistance. Nuclear weapons and mining of Uranium are banned in New Zealand, which caused a rift with the United States over nuclear-powered ships that has only properly been repaired in the last five years. New Zealand produces 1/3 of the world's cow milk and a significant proportion of general farm-related foods. The indigenous Maori people signed a treaty with British colonisers in 1840, the Treaty of Waitangi, to bring the semi-unified country into the British Empire. The Treaty signing is still celebrated annually, but sporadic warfare due to disagreement on terms continued almost until the 1920s. Also, literally everything is expensive here. Damned isolation can be a pain with some things.
  5. Here comes something very democratic socialist, or something like that since I have no idea what term accurately refers to this https://www.politicalcompass.org/chart?ec=-6.38&soc=-6.77
  6. I'm bisexual, so I would 100% not have any issue whether my partner was a guy, a gal, or transitioning between them. It's all about how well people get along to me. I'm currently extremely happy with my boyfriend who himself is bisexual as well - he makes me feel so special, and neither of us are going anywhere anytime soon
  7. The entire gameplay of the game is a historical fallacy, of course. The Western Front was of course nowhere near as mobile beyond the very beginnings and end of the war. And with the weapons I meant the objects themselves are largely historically accurate, their use is most definitely not historically accurate, yeah. For one thing light machine guns never got carried around by one man, as I'm sure you're well-aware - let alone something like an MG08/15 being fired from the hip as the Sentry elite class does. Or even the Tank Hunter elite class, who handles a Tankgewehr M1918 on his own, despite it weighing a solid 18.5kg.
  8. As someone studying history at university-entry level, I can say this is perfectly normal for "based around real world equivalents". All the equipment is historically accurate, and if it was historically distributed then the imbalance between the Entente/Allies and the Central Powers would be often pretty severe and unenjoyable for players, tanks are used in the Sinai and Middle Eastern maps and campaigns again for the sake of balance, and the Germans did have colonial Askari forces, even if they didn't serve in Europe. Also, the mustard gas is historically incorrect, ironically. There were no hand-thrown gas grenades in WWI, the closest thing was mortar-fired gas grenades employed by the French in 1914, which delivered such tiny quantities of the gas that they caused no fatalities and more often than not weren't even recognised by German and Austro-Hungarian troops as chemical weapons. On top of that they also contained Ethyl Bromoacetate, which is a tear gas equivalent, and so was not green or yellowish in hue. The gas in-game is either Mustard Gas or Chlorine gas, neither of which was ever delivered by means of hand grenade anyway.
  9. I'm hoping so, I couldn't find much about the Gallipoli campaign myself but then I didn't look very far beyond the trailer - I do hope some Kiwis, Brits, Newfoundlanders and Frenchmen make their way into it somewhere though since they were all at Gallipoli. I admit I'm one of those people who likes all the obscure weaponry and vehicles, since I'm quite the fan of alt history, so seeing things as they could have been always fascinates me. I must say I'm a little disappointed that there's no evidence of any Central Powers campaign, especially since in WWI the definition of the "bad guys" was much, much more obscure. I'd love a German or Austro-Hungarian campaign, not to mention seeing the French, an Eastern front campaign with the Russians, or an African campaign with South Africans, Bechuanans, Rhodesians, Nigerians, and so on.
  10. I'm looking forward to this game a lot, not least because of the extremely obscure pre-WWI and WWI weaponry, like the Cei-Rigotti and Huot rifles. Also, as a New Zealander, I'm greatly looking forward to the Gallipoli map. Hopefully it'll be ANZACs and not just Australia though, New Zealand always gets bloody forgotten with the ANZACs.
  11. I'm agreeing with Megas here, Wonderbolts Academy was an awesome episode. Probably to do with why it's one of two episodes I've ever watched live, and the one that I've of course liked Lightning Dust from ever since.
  12. Yup, pretty darn badly. I'm currently seeing a psychologist and it seems highly likely I will be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder of some category, on top of minor depression. Still learning to fight it, it'll probably take a while.
  13. Closed. My door, and by extension, bed, face directly down a long hallway in my house that's lit by one super-weak nightlight at night. I don't really like waking up only to look down a really dark, really long hallway into an unlit void. I do sometimes leave it open a crack when my cat's about though.
  14. I may have left Britain for New Zealand in 2011, but this is still interesting to watch. While I'd have voted Remain myself if I was both old enough and still there, I can see the points of both Leave and Remain's arguments. Either way, it'll be interesting to kick back here, half the world away, and watch what happens next.
  15. Put it this way - an M4 Sherman medium tank exerts around 9.4 Newton-cm2 / 13.7psi ground pressure. A horse can kick with a force up to 1,378 Newton-cm2 / 2,000psi. So basically, a horse's kick can theoretically do more immediate damage than being rolled over by a tank.
  16. Whenever I leave the house I put mine on, yeah. It's an old, cheap Timex Expedition, but it's served me well and I have no intention of replacing it yet, whether with a new watch or just using my phone. I like that it's analogue too, I prefer analogue over digital or 24-hour. I'm also one of those apparently-strange people who wears their watch on their dominant hand, my right.
  17. I live in Tauranga, New Zealand myself. I love this city to bits, it's hardly even a city - 120,000 people, yet only feels like a big town due to the huge lack of high-rises. I'm probably moving next year to the capital, Wellington, which is awesome too, but I don't think anything in the country can beat Tauranga. One-minute walk from my house, taking this myself should explain the crappiness. This is looking North-West towards the Kaimai mountains that surround the city, harbour and outlying towns on three sides. The mountain here, named Mount Maunganui by British settlers and Mauao by the indigenous Maori people, is the city's symbol. Maori legend says that it was once a nameless mountain hopelessly in love with another mountain, but she was already married to another nearby mountain that he was a slave of. In despair, the nameless mountain asked the people of the forest to drag him into the sea to drown him - but as the sun rose, the people of the forest retreated back to the shade of the trees inland, and the mountain was left alone on the shore. In time, the nameless mountain earned the title Mauao and gathered more mana, meaning spiritual power and importance, than both the mountain he had loved and the mountain that had owned him, to become the greatest mountain in the region.
  18. When I became a brony way back in mid-2012, I didn't really have much of a favourite pony. I kinda liked Twilight and Rainbow a little more than the others, but whew, I still remember the date - December 15th, 2012, or December 16th here in New Zealand. That was when Wonderbolt Academy first aired, one of two episodes that I've ever been able to watch live. And that was when I fell in love with Lightning Dust's character - cocky, sassy and brazen tomboy who doesn't take "no" for an answer. Loved her ever since.
  19. All you lucky Northern Hemispherers. Here in New Zealand we don't get out for Summer holidays until late November :[
  20. I'm a Democratic Socialist, which is pretty standard for New Zealand. I don't like taking the pathetic route with a lot of things though - LGBT rights, for example, considering I'm technically a part of, I believe are highly important BUT should not be placed up on a pedestal of being unique and special like many lefties do. Firmly pro-choice, which isn't an issue since NZ is pretty choice-oriented as-is anyway. I also believe foreign aid is paramount in importance - HOWEVER those greatly less fortunate need help getting back on their feet, not just having money thrown at them. I'm also fiercely pacifist and am glad New Zealand both almost entirely keeps out of foreign wars and has a strict anti-nuclear policy, even at the expense of any closer U.S. military relations. I'm also anti-nationalist - being proud of your country is good and all but again, placing things on pedestals is a strong dislike of mine. I also believe everyone should have their opinions respected and tolerated, no matter how "radical". Anything from choice of religion, political beliefs and even to discrimination, as nasty as it is - people should be allowed to hold their own views in my opinion. I recognise that there's a massive contradiction between "tolerate everyone at the minimum" and "people should be allowed to think in a discriminatory manner if they want to", but my absolute biggest weakness is that I trust everyone will be inherently nice and kind to eachother. I don't think I'll ever be able to rewire myself to learn otherwise. I guess you could label me "hard left" in taking a different, tougher stance on a few things than other lefties, but in the end I just want everyone to get along
  21. Agnostic myself. I make a point of respecting all religions - but I myself am of the opinion that there's nothing stopping a divine being of any form having created us, though I do believe in evolution and the like and hold that if there is a divine being, he/she/they caused the Big Bang rather than anything more recent. I just find all the different religions very interesting to read about
  22. Closest thing we have in New Zealand are State Highways, though we don't actually have any form of state like the U.S.A., I live about 5 minute's drive from one - they're hardly anything big, 4-lane carriageways in cities and glorified 2-lane roads rurally.
  23. Either kiss back or grab her for a hug. Lightning Dust would almost certainly be too tomboyish to give more than a momentary peck though, so probably the latter
  24. I love it here. Tauranga, New Zealand; city of 110,000 people, but this country is so hell-bent on keeping things green and friendly it just feels like a big town. We've got like 4 high-rises total. Weather is good, from a bit too hot in the Summer to nice and chilly in the Winter. People are great around here, it's one of the fastest-growing cities in New Zealand and has just about everything you could want on offer. I'm most likely moving to the capital, Wellington, next year for university, which is really small for a capital too and a lot of people have told me it's a brilliant little city. Having moved from Britain to New Zealand in 2011, this country is absolutely enthralling. People are great, every type of environment you could think of is on offer to visit and see, 30% of the country is protected land and habitats, and the cities and towns feel safe and friendly. It really is a damned magical country.
  25. Red Arrows are better... JK, I've got respect for anyone who has the guts to throw an aeroplane around like these guys and live to tell the tale, no matter their nationality