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    Music solves everything
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    if i'm not making music, i'm probably going around the web searching music related stuff or listening to music.

    I like to listen to music when i play stuff like:
    dark Souls, Dead Space,Mass Effect and you can find me on steam playng dota 2 or TF2.

    I like dubstep,metal,rock,electro-house,glich-hop and Drum&Bass.

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  1. Rawzy

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Heya ExeK, and welcome! :3 Hope you have a lovely time~ ^^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2015/8/19/960660/large.gif

  3. I'm probably making music

  4. The show will end eventualy but the fandom will keep going for a lot more.
  5. ExeK

    hello everypony !

    Hello there mate i hope you'll have fun.
  6. Does anyone know where i can find high quality samples of the voices in the show? i'd like to use some samples from the show but where i looked till now they where all low quality.
  7. Buffy

    Welcome to MLP Forums ExeK. I hope you have a great time here /)