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  1. I was bad at it also but I practiced for a long time and got way better
  2. Late night chats anyone about the show or just anything at all for all of us who hang with princess Luna?
  3. Hi there! Welcome home! Hope you have the best time!
  4. Hi welcome to this awesome place!
  5. Give them a hug and tell them it will be ok and try to show them kindness always maybe one day they will understand that hatred never solves anything. We make fun of others because we hurt on the inside. I'm sure those boys opinions were formed by peer pressure also just to fit in. Its sad and all you can do is be kind and try to set an example for them.
  6. I swear in front of people because it just comes naturally. But never in front of children. They are just words in my opinion it's just in the context you use them. Anything can be negative if you mean it to be.
  7. Check out break the cycle by For today. My lady knows what to hang her head to!
  8. Yay do you guys have a meet up group in charleston!?
  9. So sorry for your loss :.( if you need to chat or anything let me know.
  10. Ooooo I would have to say when Aries dies in ff7 so sad :.(
  11. So im watching the show on netflix right now almost done with season five!:)