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    art, music, i like Justin Bieber (judge me not).i play the guitar.

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  1. That's an adorable avatar XD


  2. Hello there! =3 thanks for adding me as friend! ^w^

    1. pinkiepieDEATH
    2. 1Bit


      Feel free to pop a message by any time =D

    3. pinkiepieDEATH
  3. Hi Pinkie!! I don't think we've formally met; Nice to Meet ya! *awkward hug* Thanks for adding me! or was it the other way around...? I can't remember :/

  4. i love bo burnham so funny

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    2. rainbowfast87


      0-0... I just listened to kill yourself... I'm a little scared now.

    3. pinkiepieDEATH
    4. rainbowfast87


      why not?it was scary..but funny...kind of...

  5. Thanks for adding me.

    1. pinkiepieDEATH


      no prob i like pinkie pie too

  6. Thanks for adding me as a friend :D /)

  7. pinkiepieDEATH


    quick question hot or not
  8. Didn't take long to change your pic, did it?

  9. Hello, um just out curiosity, how come you wanted me to add you, it's really nice and I'm only curious?

    1. pinkiepieDEATH


      well i think that i could be a supportive friend

    2. The Demon

      The Demon

      Oh OK, thank you for that.


    3. pinkiepieDEATH
  10. lol im not taken but well um okey dokey lokey