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  1. * ...i just noticed the banner on the top of the forums has papyrus font on the bottom half. i am now grinning like an idiot. * i'm almost half way to my goal of 'beating' sans 500 times. i'm taking a lot of breaks because i don't wanna burn myself out, but i'm still having lots of fun. i've managed ONE no-hit fight, but i've not been able to do it again.
  2. * hm, right now i have a single google tab (that i never even use, but always keep open for some reason), twitter, two youtube tabs, one that is open with h3h3productions and one listening to undertale remixes, a google image search of sans (because reasons), and whatsapp web.
  3. * pre-diced pineapple chunks. never again... they were so freaking sour when i ate them and my tongue was just stinging from the juice.
  4. * i am also british, but i do happen to say 'varse' instead of vase. for the z in dragonball z, i actually say 'zee' but majority of the time i say 'zed'. * other words i seem to pronounce differently or even wrong, one of them is 'latte'? apparently latte is supposed to be pronounced 'lat-tay' but i always say it 'lar-tay'.
  5. * it would seem that it was george bush when i was born.
  6. * i've not been in one, no, but i did witness one. was just a late night bus trip home from town and just as i happened to look out of the window, i just saw this car go up onto the curb, crash into a streetlight, flip upside down and skid across the road. it was freaking crazy.
  7. * to be honest, i don't think i've ever had a taco.. but i imagine if i did, i'd rather have a soft one. i'm not really much of a fan of hard, crunchy food.
  8. * yeah, i was told about toby's request regarding fan made merch and how he asked people not to buy it, etc. so i wanted to respect his wishes, but the policy got updated recently to where it is allowed, as long as the logo isn't used and it isn't mass produced, so little character badges, keychains, etc. seem to be okay now. * that's the spirit! * i just wish there was a definite thing about who gaster actually is. some say after he fell into his machine that he split into two seperate entities, being sans and papyrus, others say he's a third brother and then others say that he's their father. i guess in that respect, i enjoy gaster as a character due to all the mystery surrounding him. * i will always be the first to admit how much i love fanon sans.. haha. i really do love the megalovania art because people like to portray it in so many different ways and i love that creativity! * i should really live my own life more like that second picture than the first! but this picture is definitely true. plus seeing a genuinely sad sans breaks my heart so screw that!
  9. * how's it going now? beat him yet? haha * also REVIVE THREAD BECAUSE I CAN HOW IS EVERYONE DOING ARE YOU STILL ENJOYING YOUR UNDERTALING?? * a few weeks ago i got my megalovania shirt and 'anime friends' magnets that i preordered from fangamer back in january. the magnets look adorable on my desk, but unfortunately the shirt was too small.. but i reordered the shirt and bought the 3 other shirts they have on the site, plus the mettaton poster! just looking for the perfect frame to put the poster in and the shirts all fit wonderfully! * ...and also a lot of badges... and a sans phone charm... haha... i totally don't have an obsession...
  10. * finally saw the movie last week with some friends. to say i get really bored watching movies, i actually really enjoyed it and it kept me captivated the whole way through, unlike most movies i try and watch.
  11. * white bread, both pieces buttered, piles of grated cheddar cheese, sprinkle of worcester sauce and squished between my trusty george foreman grill.
  12. * i definitely do, sometimes even at 2 or 3 in the morning. it's even worse just before my time of the month, because i will just raid the fridge. it's honestly not uncommon for me at moments like that to just eat slices of meat straight out of their packets, spoonfuls of nutella, pour honey or syrup directly into my mouth, etc.