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  1. I actually just recently discovered a nick for digital art, I got my first drawing tablet a couple weeks ago, I never really used it, and then on Friday I picked it up, and damn, I made something that was better than anything I'd ever drawn.
  2. I don't really have much experience on comedic exaggeration, since that's more like caricatures, I could try, but It'd be kind of experimental.
  3. Possibly. I abandoned my Ronald Reagan one, I screwed up the shading like 3 times and gave up, we'll see about Trump
  4. Hey everyone! This is my second project in my "World Leaders" series of art, I hope you guys enjoy it! And as always, feedback is very useful for me, since it helps me put it into context in my next art. (P.S, which world leader should I draw next?) (GT is my signature, it stands for my name)
  5. Hey everyone! Sorry I've been really inactive on this site for a while, but recently I've discovered a nick for digital art, so I made no one other than, Vladimir Putin! I'd really like some feedback on my art. Also, who should I paint/draw next? (The Picture I used for Reference) This is my second attempt at making digital art, and this is probably the best art piece I've made in my entire life.
  6. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Pinkie Pie How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Hey everypony! I used to be on these forums back in August, but then I left the fandom for almost half a year, but now I'm back! I used to be known as cR Spitfire. I make Photoshop art (for examples check my profile) Unfortunately after my time gone, I lost most of my friends on here, could you guys help me out and give me some people to call my "friends"? Thanks! I'm glad to be back in this haven of animated technicolor rainbow horses :3
  7. Hi Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay in this addictingly weird dimension of technicolor animated cartoon ponies on the internet!
  8. Hey everypony! Not many of you know me, but I used to be cR Spitfire. I left the fandom a while ago, but now I'm back! And I'm also back to making photoshop art. So right now I'm working on a project of making a map of the entire world... in pony puns. Countries and cities that are mentioned in the show (like Saddle Arabia, or Vanhoover) are added, while most of the world is made up of puns I've come up with. This project is roughly 20% complete, and I have yet to fill the world up with city puns. If you guys like it, make sure to leave a brohoof! Also, feel free to add me, as I don't have many friends on here. (P.S, Russia is obviously made into a parody of the Soviet Union, and a lot of the Balkan countries in Europe have been merged together (because they're so small it's practically impossible to put text in them.)
  9. P1nkiedank


    No problem I'm not an animator so I couldn't make it into a video even if I wanted it :-P