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  1. Herrmittens

    Philosophy Sub-forum?

    First of all: if this has been suggested before, please send a link to that topic. I've been searching far and wide on this site for a ´Search´ function, but could not find it, despite my considerable internet experience. Now to the main suggestion: How about a philosophy sub-forum over at the Everfree Forest? I'm suggestion the lay-out: General Discussion, Media Discussion, and Philosophy Discussion. Why a sub-forum and not just a new topic? So that each user who so happens to be interested, can make a new topic in that sub-forum, with their own philosophical theses which they want to discuss. The discussion of that user's views and theses, can then be handled in an organized way in that topic. A single topic for every users' philosophical views, would IMO result in much confusion, lost opinions and chaos of the unproductive kind. Opinions?
  2. Herrmittens

    Movies/TV Ever saw a movie that made you ?

    Not a movie, really. But the song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t8DjkKF45d0 helped me to find my desire to write.
  3. Herrmittens

    Come up with a weird law!

    Seems like you would be pestered like... a lot...
  4. Herrmittens

    Post your Desktop

    Sweet one! They used it on Equestria Daily, right?
  5. Herrmittens

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    370747. Thanks everyone!
  6. Herrmittens

    What Is Your Best Piece of Advice?

    That was a new one for me. Thansk for sharing, it enriched me!
  7. Maybe make me like less likely to like it, but it would be unlikely to make me unlke something I like already. I might have phrased it like that in purpose :grin2:
  8. Herrmittens

    Mega Thread What book are you reading?

    Did you learn anything interresting about capitalsim? Should we all perhaps convert to something else? Do tell, do tell! Why do you recommend it? Anything specail you've learnt?
  9. Run to the hiiiillllssss. Run for my liiife. Probably to Canada. Become a part time lumberjack and sometimes go to USA to buy cheese.
  10. Herrmittens

    Whatever your left hand is touching

    My face would be made of diamonds! A-ah-hah! Or maybe just the chin. Depending on how precise one would be and how far the transformation would spread.
  11. Herrmittens

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    370744. Yay, I contributed to something.