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  1. I'm glad to get feedback on this, since I noticed I wasn't alone in the "You can give these characters humanizing moments" camp. Especially considering the X-Men's Themes, characters and symbolism. X-Men has had some great comedy moments and also some rather terrible ones depending on the writer. I noticed when the movies had those moments of levity, it humanized the characters and gave them some depth. Which is why Storm was one of the worst ones in the films since she maybe had one scene like that in the entire franchise. It was my big complaint against Batman V Superman since it was just mostly Bombast and not a lot of small character moments other than the whole "Martha" thing. Thank you so much for watching though, that really means a lot. I'll be covering other things like this at points.
  2. Late Night Ponderings is a series of mini-editorials that covers a wide range of subjects. In this episode I discuss X-Men: Apocalypse's deleted scenes, and how stories could be improved by including the mundane and benign.
  3. Merry Christmas! It's been decided so by Discord's fanclub! Enjoy!

  4. Harambe. After being told that there was a petition going around to get Harambe into Pokemon , I was done. Even more so when someone requested me to write an article about it.
  5. See, I love to curl up with a good book and turn everything off for a while when I'm alone. I can live without internet depending on the company I'm keeping. However, the problem lies with the fact that for some reason I tend to attract people to me when I'm reading and they immediately decide to start talking to me. Now, I'm willing to listen to peoples problems and such, that's not the issue it's just when I'm reading that means I want to read, not talk. The difference is when I'm on the computer with an important looking document on it from the internet, people think I'm working, which they're right I'm writing the majority of the time, but sometimes I will just read the thing I was trying to read in my hands, online so people won't talk to me. Internet is important to me since as an academically minded individual, I find it's far easier to get scholarly papers online than it is from the Library since they don't always have the papers I need when I need them. I've ordered papers before and the Library is a big resource of mine but there are some more obscure resources that are easier to obtain on the internet. Not to mention I work on the internet and I do have friends on the internet that I value as comrades in arms. I wouldn't have gotten to know some people from my old graduating classes if it wasn't for the internet which has been a good thing and a bad thing. I also wouldn't be reaching as wide of an audience if it wasn't for the internet's influence on my articles, for good or for ill. The Internet is essential, not in the sense I need it like an addict but it's benefited me in other ways that I'm grateful for.
  6. Do they have to be famous Boxers or can it be someone you know of in your family?
  7. If I'm asked if I like MLP, I'll say yes but I usually don't go into too much detail. It's just a thing I like. I don't make videos about it or actively participate in the fandom because I'm not that big into fandom in general. Mostly since I like enjoying things in small groups, stalking about forums quietly, rather than enjoying it with a mass of strangers and I have an immediate cautious reaction to fandoms. The fact I'm on here is a testament to how much I value a friendship of the person who introduced me to this place. Not that I regret it since I've had a nice time on here overall. I should probably make an OC eventually.
  8. Cheese and Crackers am I bad at searching things on this site sometimes.

  9. I know it has, been following the production of it, but I'm not holding my breath for a release. Ubisoft is working on their other titles and they deliberately avoid questions about it all the time. Especially at this past E3.
  10. Quietly takes note of the games that are being mentioned for future reference in an article. Honestly, I'd like to see a sequel to Beyond Good and Evil, but I know it'll never happen since Ubisoft deemed it a failure. Even if the fault was partially their own for terrible marketing and a bad release date. I'd also like to see another .//hack series that's not incredibly rare in the west.
  11. True, this is very true. I was just thinking there might be a small chance that it might have one. Or I just want to see a Mermaid Arcanine, probably that. I know, but there's always room for fun variations in the Pokemon world. Arcanine is a sweeper in lower tiers so maybe just seeing a type variation would be nice, I'd be curious to see what Arcanine would be like as a water type Pokemon.
  12. That makes more sense, I was afraid GameFreak was going down the route I've seen a lot of studios go down lately with pre-order bonuses. I wonder if they'll do Alolan Arcanine, what does everyone think?
  13. Here's a question, when they say "Here's a special gift for purchasing early" Then they show Munchlax, do they mean a preorder bonus? Or is it just buying the game when it's released rather than years later?
  14. The Top Ten Best Games from 2015 You Might Have Heard Of is here. It was a long time coming but I’m glad that I’ve finally finished it. I was trying out a lot of new things with this list such as a new Microphone and some new editing techniques. I hope you find this video enjoyable or at the very least informative. I'd really appreciate any comments and feedback you can toss my way.
  15. Happy that my newest video is finally done and that the developers of the games are really enjoying it. Also exhausted because I've been working with my editor for 4 nights in a row and I think we almost passed out before finishing it.