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  1. Happy birthday. I was going to throw you a Mexican themed party, with maracas and pinatas, but then remembered you are from Spain.

    Since I know nothing of Spain, enjoy the maracas and pinatas.


    Ay ay ay.

  2. Chrysalis doesn't feel love. She will break your heart and eat it @Denim&Venöm
  3. Happy St. Valentine's Day


  4. For whatever reason my last office building, a two story office park joint from the 70s or 80s, was terrifying at night. A couple times I was there working until 11pm, alone, long after the cleaning crew had gone home. In another part of my office came the sound of someone sitting and then getting up from an office chair and things moving around. As I left the building, I saw the only other person was on the upper floor. A few people reported similar things happen to them.
  5. Laces out!!!!!

    #FinkleIsInnocent #WouldYaLikeACookieSon? #ModelAmerican

    1. Megas


      Dan Marino should die of gonorrhea, and rot in hell

    2. Woohoo
    3. Sparklefan1234


      @Woohoo You should do some detective work.


      wRvDQji.gif?noredirect image.png.cc1f3879da47d1373f547b9c30992a2f.png

  6. Tiana how much do you charge for a cool dozen biegnets? So you prefer Chicory coffee or regular? Favorite spot in N'Orleans?
  7. You now have Midna as your avatar. You have never been cooler.

    1. Anti-Villain
    2. Pathfinder


      Yusss! Tho full credit for the idea goes to @Zero :3

  8. Can someone help me re a stock image? I want to purchase one for a project but the vector has words on it. Can words on a vector be removed when purchased from a stock image site? I'm really clueless about this sort of thing.

    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      I think?

      i would offer to do it on photoshop for you but I am totally illiterate when it comes to photoshop/anything of use.

    2. PiratePony


      Thanks man, I appreciate it. 

    3. Bas


      Well, a solution would be asking them.

  9. Everything that @WWolf just said. I absolutely loved FNAF 1 and the lore vids by MatPat have been an absolute treat. I'm not one for watching gameplay vids but the FNAF 1 & 2 vids were particularly entertaining. Scott Cawthon just had a knack for making a perfectly suspenseful game that latched on to perfect archetypes of creepy robots, ghost stories, feelings of dread and helplessness. FNAF is a fantastic game. I also love the designs of the animatronics in the first one, with the inset robotic eyes, and unnatural head tilts and angles. The feeling that came with switching a camera to a perfectly still but haunting figure is fearfully delightful. Bonnie is my favorite too.
  10. I don't have one...never thought to download or keep anything.
  11. Time for the return of the XFL. I wonder if Jerry the King Lawler will be announcing this time.

    1. Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      I would love that.

    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      I never thought I'd see the day.. hopefully they won't crash the airship this time. :laugh: