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  1. Hiya! Thank you for adding me as a friend! I imagine you found me thanks to the Christian bronies thread, since I liked your post ^_^. That's fine, it is always inspiring for me to read such stories! :)

    1. Ohiobrony


      Yeah no problem. My story is super unique and I wish someday to let more people know about it. ? ?? ?

    2. Ohiobrony


      Yeah no problem. My story is super unique and I wish someday to let more people know about it. ? ?? ?

    3. Sunwalker


      I have replied to the PM you sent me with the same message ;)

  2. 2 am. Time for bed. The Internet is too big for me

  3. Rainbow dash: I can't wait to clear the skies today Rarity: let's move to the farm sis Twilight: fuck you celestial Flutters: why r there so many animals in my house Applejack: I'm a main character Pinkie: weird al sucks
  4. I go to a school with only 200 ppl in my high school. I am what one would consider a jock. I have lots of friends and am a basketball player and runner. I have seen a couple of bronies around me but they are just some of those people that I can't see myself being compared to. No offense to anyone, I know we r all about love and tolerance but some people I can't stand being around with. I wish there was a way for me to find if any of my other popular friends r fans too. I know if I tell them I will lose them and be hated. And I know they r not true friends if they can't accept that bu
  5. I'm United brethren. Like we say ub is the way to be. I grew up in a Cristian house and I am an athlete and have already been offered scholarships. My life was sad and empty and one night I was on the Internet and I found the ponies. They were all so happy and just amazing and my life got better. Nobody around me knows about it and it kills me. The only bronies I have ever interacted with are online.
  6. I would have been like... Okay yo get off dat good stuff. I would be avoiding anything pink with horses
  7. Welcome to MLP Forums Ohiobrony. I hope you have a great time here /)

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