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  1. It'd probably be easier to go over what I don't use it on. -Ice Cream, only because I haven't found an ice cream it pairs with. -Foods I don't eat. - Most bread based snacks -Popcorn -Candies Generally I tend to use it on pretty much anything. Hot Sauce is awesome. Especially Frank's Red Hot. Stuff tastes good.
  2. Finally got the internet at my house. Only took too long. Now I spend my days addicted to my consoles.

  3. I'm terrified of burning alive. I'd rather be crushed to death or drowned to death, but not burnt alive. So many scenarios I can think of in which a person can die from burning. Not all of which are fire related either. It isn't even the death that bothers me. No, it is the very though of burning itself. The heat, intensity, and pain are far more terrifying to me than dying. I can think of hundreds of ways to be burned alive, and each is horrific in it's own messed up way. So, that is what truly terrifies me.
  4. Went to Comic Con over the weekend. Bought a bunch of stuff, had a ton of fun. Came back and am now back to work.

  5. One week from Comic Con. Gonna be a good time.

  6. My first favorite pony is my current favorite pony. Rainbow Dash. <3 2nd place is Vinyl Scratch, and third on the list is Big Macintosh.
  7. About how my day is gonna play out. I have a long list of things to do today after I get off work.
  8. Given that you believe my point is invalid, I am to assume you are in opposition to it, or simply wish to debunk it. That being said because there is no solid proof doesn't mean that there isn't reasonable suspicion to for it to exist. So, putting it out as my point yes it is in fact invalid. I should have stated more thoroughly it was simply my opinion on the matter. I won't sit here and tell you it is a fact, but it is an opinion. Whether or not people like it, is entirely up to them. However your counter is a fine shut down. So my respect you have earned to say the very least.
  9. A profound question indeed. I could say that I in fact have no solid proof of this theory. Thus it is simply that. This being said, given the modern societal troubles we face, I am able to make an educated guess. Though, this post is simply my opinion. If you can give me one hundred percent citeable proof that it isn't what I believe, it may or may not be enough to justify your position on the matter to me.
  10. Technically no. They know I enjoy the show and buy merch and otherwise. The thing is, they have no clue what the hell a brony is. The have no qualms with me liking it though. Not that it would matter if they did, as they know more than anybody that I couldn't give a damn about what people think of me. XD So, I had to vote other.
  11. Well, I'll be blunt about the topic. If the change were for a genuine reason, that had a deep historical meaning and was not tied in with appeasement of people who are simply unhappy with a boogie man that doesn't exist, I'd have been in full support of a change. The thing is, I can't see it as anything but an attempt to appease the outraged people of the united states crying shame on their fellow human beings. I have always, and will always hold humanity to a close scrutiny, and because of this I often question myself as to why we are allowed to continue living our happy carefree lives in which we have the right to kick and scream about the problems we think we see. So, to appease those who do kick and scream just seems like a slap in the face of being able to make any real progress with our species. We stand back and yell about small subjects, that hold no real meaning outside of offending one another. At the same time nobody wants to get involved with the much larger issues going on around us. It always comes down to selfish behavior, and that is why I just cannot agree. That being said I believe Harriett was indeed a critical figure in her part played in our nation's history. I just don't think that she should be put on a dollar bill for the soul fact of her race and gender. They aren't changing it because of her merits. It is just based on her race and gender coinciding with her fame. I'm sure people will dislike this statement, and in turn me for it, but I don't care. Reality is harsh, and this is the reality of things.
  12. I dunno. I would prefer to be a centaur in Equestria. That being said, if it's stallion or mare only.... I'd rather be a stallion obviously. I am a man, and proud to be one.
  13. Again, it really isn't for the dead. The way you say it, makes it seem like it would be better to simply forget they ever existed? I hardly think that is respectful to the dead. This being said, I understand I could be misinterpreting what you are saying, but still. A celebration of ones life is not for the dead. It is for the living whom were left behind. A means for them to cope with loss and grief peacefully before moving on with their life. We are all going to die one day. That is just what we live to do. We are born, we live, and then we die. After you cross the threshold of death, you are no longer tied to this world though. At least not in the tangible sense. That being said, death is something that should be celebrated to remember the great times you've had with the deceased.