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  1. Mostly Warframe right now. Winter Holidays are coming soon so I might hook up that dusty Wii or maybe get a new console...
  2. I guess sometimes people may want to get rid of things they don't have and you might actually find a real deal for that price, but that has yet to happen to me lol
  3. woo ponies and stuff lol I'm back I think

  4. That's kinda what I meant, but you said it way better. lol Although I'm a beginner, I'm a programmer too, but I do like to play games. And while Linux may be way more stable and cheaper, I came to realize that Windows may be more expensive while starting out, but time can also be an expensive resource...
  5. Truth is Linux does have support, and so does Mac, but it doesn't always have support, or you need patches and such. Windows is usually the way to go if you don't want to bother with incompatibilities. Also, Macs and Linux crash too...
  6. Man... Now I really want to play, but I wanted to wait a little longer because I know I won't have time to play. And why aren't the lance or bowgun getting more love, they are OP. D: It's so easy to not get hit with those, and also to stay focused on the monster part you want to cut or attack. Bowgun is great because you can just pierce everything and do a couple of paralyzes here and then. With the Lance you can stick to the monster and dance with it by just evading its attacks. :3 But I think the Great Sword is my favourite because it's multipurpose and it's the cheapest way to 'beat' the game as you can just forge one or two the whole game; you also don't have to change armor or sword every time a different quest is posted.
  7. First of all, gaming laptops aren't really good compared to gaming desktop PCs; I know you're asking for a laptop, but you can consider desktops too, as they are cheaper and usually more reliable. Only downside is they are obviously not portable and use a bit more energy, but you could keep your Toshiba just in case you need to do simple task while being away from home or something like that. Second, if your computer is 4 years old or more, it'd be better for you to just buy a new one. Updating your laptop might be annoying, specially if it's old. I can't really tell what's wrong with what you said, but I'm guessing it's mostly your CPU because it can boot but then just slows down, so I'll have to agree with thegoodhen. PS: I just read you had your hard drive changed, so yeah, it must be the CPU or just maybe a faulty mother board. And for recommendations, I'm not really an expert but I have heard Asus are pretty good though I can't tell from experience. What I can tell is that Dell are usually cheap and reliable, you see them everywhere nowadays. I have an Inspiron 6400 since 2006 (I'm kinda poor too) and it still works like it should. Only thing that died was the battery, but batteries always die anyway... HP is also okay, but you have to choose in the end. Or you can also tell us more about what you'll be using it for if you want a more specific recommendation.
  8. Although I've mostly only played the wii Monster Hunter Tri version, it's not really that hard once you get the hang of it, and the challenge is part of the fun haha. And like I said, I'd like to, but I'm not sure which and when I'll get it... also games take a bit longer to get released where I am. Maybe some day we can team up, but I don't think it'll be soon...Sorry.
  9. I want... Although I think you can only team up by local multiplayer for the 3ds version. And I don't know which one I'll be getting and when. I heard they might release a 3DS with Monster Hunter skin or something, but probably not in America... lol
  10. Just go for it; I don't think anyone will stop you from buying whatever you want there... if they don't sell then how would they keep their jobs? lol Besides, what you or others may think is cool merchandise, may look retarded to others... so it's just opinions.
  11. that feel when realizing you're getting older :( lol

    1. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      That feeling sets in at 22, so you're due for it.

    2. Metzger


      Well I just turned 22, but I kinda wanted to stay 21 for a bit longer at least. haha

  12. Happy Holidays and such

  13. Getting ready for my flight to England. :D

  14. Most ads use info from your cookies and IP, so you can say they know you quite well. I have ads blocked though, should I feel bad? They do get annoying and dumb sometimes... "Yeah, I had pizza... oh look, a pizza ad. Why would I want any more pizza when I just ate plenty?" :/ Also, if you are using proxies, they mess up your location... It's funny sometimes.