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  1. Does anyone here watch the NHL avidly? Im looking to find things in common with other people on the site and hockey is my sport.
  2. I saw this and i keep hearing its not worth watchin"One Punch Man started off as an awfully-drawn webcomic. A professional artist liked it enough to redraw it in an extremely detailed style. Recently, it also got adapted into an anime which just ended. Basically, it's about some guy who became the strongest superhero in the world, to the point where he can beat anyone with one punch (hence the title). He has grown bored of life due to the lack of challenges, and seeks a worthy opponent, to no avail. Any fans around here? Who is the best hero? (answer is Mumen Rider). " So what do you guys think>
  3. PM me with any information on how to find out about artwork for the show How did you find MLP Forums?: I found this site via google search after listening to MLP analysts on background noise while playing chess online. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I was first introduced to the show thanks to my best friend. We would watch an episode or two after a night of playing card and board games. I didn't like it at first but by the fifth episode I had grown to adore the show. Hi, I'm new to the online posting for being a brony. I'm a bit of an older fan and would like to create a friendship with fans. I'm not good with computers and don't know how to make an OC but would like to eventually like to either make one or find somepony to make one for me. So what's up?
  4. This is cool. How often does this show overlap into things like this that are actual disciplines?
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    How is everyone? You having a good day? I'm just looking for people to talk to
  6. Hello I like rarity too. I think the best of the group
  7. Hello. How are you liking the forum ?
  8. Hello! How are you finding the forum so far?
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    New here just saying hi and happy holidays to everyone
  10. Welcome to MLP Forums Duckskoala. I hope you have a great time here /)