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  1. Yeah? Thats what i ment? Ohhhh intro to the ooc thread was what i ment sorry! lol not the ic thread
  2. Ok that shouldnt be a problem, thanks lemme know when youve decided and ill make a proper intro.
  3. Yo did i miss the party or can i still join? This looks really fun! Like reallllyy fun. So when you let me know ill post my oc link!
  4. Too late to join? Sorry i was just wondering, the idea interests me and i saw you had slots open!
  5. The thread is already posted in everfree check it out and see what you think all and any detauls are thheerree:)
  6. Hey guys! Anyone whos intersted in the exploring vatamos rp please drop your player cards here! This will also serve as our ooc chat when we begin! Thanks!
  7. Welcome to Vatamos. A land where furries of all kinds live, thrive, explore, and progress. From the moutain highlands of The Fanged King, the valleys and forests of The mystic circle,and the beaches of The wave riders, all is open to explore and enjoy! Thus is a time of peace in Vatamos with the innivations of steam technology such as automatic rifles, tesla generators, the steam engine and the airship. its easier and safer than ever to explore and travel and seek your fourtune anyway you choose! But be warned. Vatamos is also still to be feared. Pirates lurk rhe sky and sea. while bandits, ra
  8. Cloudchaser no doubt about it. Her mane , colors, design and voice are my gavs!!! Period.
  9. Luna: I miss the moon. Twilight: The movie was so much better than the book. Celestia: Cake? Gross! Fluttershy: Hi my names fluttershy! Nice to meet you! Pinkie pie: Im tired lets call it a day..
  10. Colgate all the way ever since i saw the youtube "colgate dentistry" animations! It was deffiently scrapped for copyright reasons but as far as re-naming goes they couldve done worse for sure.
  11. Fluttershy or Luna for sure.The fans who love them are like hyper pprotective.I could see some riots breaking out if either of them ever got a boyfriend and I would be apart of both riots I assure you. *whistles while sharpening various melee weapons in preparation.*
  12. This is amazing, my fav pone being a reincarnaited starswirl (another favorite.) this head cannon just made my morning! Thanks nightmare!
  13. pinkaminaseesu117

    Hey whats up!

    Hey im new here and im excited to see,meet and greet everypony here! I first got into the show since season one and have loved it ever since but havent been really active online in the fandom until recently. My favorite pone is and always will be pinkie pie. Her happy voice and random personality can lift up my spirts even during a crappy day. Any way leave any questions you have for me below because ill have plenty for you!
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