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  1. Welcome to Vatamos. A land where furries of all kinds live, thrive, explore, and progress. From the moutain highlands of The Fanged King, the valleys and forests of The mystic circle,and the beaches of The wave riders, all is open to explore and enjoy! Thus is a time of peace in Vatamos with the innivations of steam technology such as automatic rifles, tesla generators, the steam engine and the airship. its easier and safer than ever to explore and travel and seek your fourtune anyway you choose! But be warned. Vatamos is also still to be feared. Pirates lurk rhe sky and sea. while bandits, raiders, and cults, can be lurking where you least expect them. so travel in a group or go it alone. But you have been warned.


    Starting point breakdowns: here is a break down of the lands a player can choose to start in!


    1. The Highlands. A harsh moutainious region generally populated by earth ponies. Players who choose to start here will start in Mountain Gate. The fortress city ruled by the iron hoof of The Iron King. Its a harsh city but more powerful weapons, better made airships, or harder forged steel you will not find. Weapon shops here are the best and jobs here are high paying and difficult.


    2.The Valley Forests of the Mystics. A lush dense forest region close to the Highlands. Generally populated by unicorns ,Its a realm deeply cloaked in mystery and magic. Players who start here will start in Circle City. A largely academic town ran by the 4 mystics. Hooded mysterious figures. The city is a more upscale sort and the jobs here are lower paying than most cities and are generally simple. but training, upgrades ,potions and medicines here are more than worth the money.


    3.Wave Rider Beaches.

    Unlike the other lands Wave Rider Beach is a varitable paradise, mostly populated by pegasi its a trade power house of ports and airship docks. If you need it. They have it. For much better prices than youll find anywhere. The jobs here are medium paying and there are alot of them. Everything you need is here..just maybe not the quality you want. Players who start here will end up in Dock Port city. The city has no leadership The orginal inhabitants are known as the wave riders and they want no leading role or part in how the city is ran. They are carefree. Non violent and fun loving. Even the nastiest criminal wouldnt dare kill a wave rider. But this means the city pretty much governs itself. Crimes here are usually delt with the offender or the victim dead in the ocean. And there is a lot of crime.


    Notes: Any place in or between cities is able to be travled to if a player is willing and ready! Exploration is the name of the game!




    Post your character applications on the ooc thread and wait for approval if your interested! God mode-ish characters will be denied and any op powers will as well!






    Powers:(if any)

    Weapons:(if any)

    Armor:(if any)



    Starting City:

  2. Hey im new here and im excited to see,meet and greet everypony here! I first got into the show since season one and have loved it ever since but havent been really active online in the fandom until recently. My favorite pone is and always will be pinkie pie. Her happy voice and random personality can lift up my spirts even during a crappy day. Any way leave any questions you have for me below because ill have plenty for you!

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