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    I'm a 2005+ Whoovian
    Genres of music I'm into: Trance, Anthem, Dubstep, Metal, Easy Listening, Soft Rock, Electronica, R and B, Slow Jam, Retro. I just don't like electro or electro R and B.


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  1. Hey, Frequency, I know you aren't on MLPF these days, but I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to the Aussie side of the Brony fandom, and for being one of the first Bronies I met IRL... 

  2. I went to a psychologist yesterday and was diagnosed, I'm on the autism spectrum, I have Aspergers.

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    2. Frequency Wavelength

      Frequency Wavelength

      That's okay, it explains how I am the way I am.

    3. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      It's the shitty gift that keeps on giving!

    4. TheRockARooster


      We both have it, mate.

  3. See twilythebookworm, I captured a ghost as an orb of light, definitely not edited. That's definitely a ghost, very much a similar consistency to the image I posted from Miyajima, Japan on page 2. Fog from the water would appear differently.
  4. Frequency Wavelength

    Ponies at Dawn

    Hey everypony! Ponies at Dawn are proud to announce the release of our 8th album – Awakening! It's been months in the making, featuring 54 new tracks from artists such as ExplodingPonyToast, LutariFan, ThatMusicBrony, DJT, Kadenza, Aurelleah, Foozogz, Sights Unseen, L.M., lia;quo, Budzy, AphixSky, IKX, Quadrivia, Lovestruck Brony, NeverLastStanding, AJ Young, PegasYs, Phoxi, Proctra, Del Rom, Hydra, Ditzy, 174UDSI, GloryOfTheRainWings, Pony Music, IKX, BL1NKY, Einarx, fractilx, Progressive Element, Thrasher, Night Crow, Dragonal, Rockin'Brony, PrinceWhateverer, SDreamExplorerS, Metal Core Pon
  5. It helped me make friends with other Bronies in real life as I was only seeing one friend and my closest cousin. I was really alone, I'm surprised I wasn't depressed, I had my job though, but I pretty much lived to work and worked to live. I still struggle socially, I try to socialize as best as I can with them. I go to my local meetups now and even now interstate meetups if there's something going on. I also love the music and art created by this fandom!
  6. My Father is Polish and my Mother is Filipino, I'm Eurasian! So I'm 1st generation Australian.
  7. I do drink tap water, in Australia the water is fine, so I never buy bottled water here, but when I visit my relatives in the Philippines I buy bottled water. Twice I drank filtered water in the province in the Phillipines, I got infected by amoeba and had to take medication, I grew tired of having to go to the toilet again and again.
  8. I use it, but I've only started, there's much for me to do still. I first saw the game in a article on Rocket News 24 English.
  9. Frequency Wavelength

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Me as Pokémon Glaceon: Me on a 2 storey ladder: I'm not that well known here much, I don't think I'm that interesting, have trouble connecting socially even online, I have suspected Aspergers which I'll go to a Clinic on May 10th to find out. Message me if you want.
  10. I think fanservice should only be inserted if it's appropriate for the story so it doesn't detract from the episode, quality is important. I think some background characters should get more involved and have more serious roles. Fan service isn't everything, character growth and development is more important.
  11. I live in Melbourne, Australia, I was just in Japan for a one month holiday, I am returning there end of this year. Actually I previously caught a ghost on film at an earlier trip to Hong Kong Disneyland, I'm pretty sure it's the same ghost "orb" in both pictures. It made a cool dash from Fantasia Mickey! It was just moving side to side here.
  12. I was able to capture a ghost passing by, I only happened to catch it by chance, I was just taking a picture when I suddenly saw it appear on my phone screen as my finger was heading for the capture button. It suddenly got a lot colder the moment it passed by. I took another picture and that mist wasn't there anymore. I took the photo in Miyajima, Japan, people sometimes commit suicide in forests like where I was.
  13. Funko Vinyl Tower! Although I also have Cheese Sandwich, Maud Pie, Daring Do, DJ Pon3, Fluttershy, Cadance, Shining Armour also. I also have 2 more Derpy plushies. A Lamp! Vinyls on my van Vinyls on my car I have added one more vinyl sticker to each: Dr Whooves.
  14. The EQG minis look way better than the horrid EQG dolls, I don't like the chibi look much but these work for me. I was at a Pop Culture convention recently, so many artists had chibi art style, even if their art styles differed from each other, it was too much. The EQG minis do have this nice plastic smell to them, not sure what type of plastic they used. I like that they can articulate. The animation for the minis I agree could have been a lot better.
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